Austin, Texas, USA

Quirky songs about bacon, 1980s movies, and video games from my childhood are all my specialty. I write fun, cheeky tunes about topics that make me laugh and sometimes make me angry. I also like to dress up like a Zombie.


I played in a pop punk band for about 10 years. When I graduated college, it eventually dissolved, but not before I got my feet wet in the recording process. Since then, I've been systematically releasing songs, trying to improve not only my song writing ability, but also my grasp on the production process. Somewhere along the line, I started to figure out what I am good at, and oddly enough it happened to be super odd songs about a bizarre range of topics. Also I like to dress up like a Zombie.


Sunset City
Helping Out The Poor Is Fun!
Oh Shit What?! (Chunk's Song)
Baby Fight (Ugly Baby)
Lady in the Pit
Bacon Lovesong
How I Care
Dear God
Doucheworm Attacks!
Sensitive Guy
The Thing Is (what is that thing?)