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Gary, Jimmie and Ed are long-time friends of over three decades...they formed "Madrid" in 1989. For years they played and wrote songs, with and without lead vocalists, for crowds across the state of Indiana. After the 90's they became Bone Daddie and decided they needed a frontman whose voice could mirror the style of music
they have evolved into....Joe Hine was found after months of searching. After rehearsing as a foursome, they wanted the extra PUMP of a switch guitarist, so they found Joel Jakubowski! They formed in the spring of 2000 as the current line-up and have been writing and rocking as Bone Daddie ever since.



Written By: Bone Daddie

Bone Daddie 2004

I worry about, if I can afford to pay. I think I worry about it everyday.
I worry about what she thinks of me. I think about praying, then my thoughts begin to flee.
I worry about what they'll think of me. I'm feelin' pressure, they're all staring at me.
I worry about what the future holds and if my life is a card game, I think I'm gonna fold.
I worry about things that I can't control. I worry about if my life's in a hole.
I worry about things I'm never gonna change.
I worry about my thoughts, I think they are deranged.
Nothing's gonna change… and man this world is strange.
I worry about is it gonna end…and if it does will you still be my friend?
Worry about will I pass the test? This game called life, it is my holy quest.
Worry about the next line in this song…and if it don't rhyme, does that make me wrong?
Worry about is my life gonna end? Am I made from ashes or am I made from sand?
Am I loved or am I just hated? When I try to push ahead I feel I'm barricaded.
When you think about it, you start to worry. Everyone around me is always in a hurry.
I'd rather sit around and inhale the smoke. It kinda makes me dizzy it's gonna make me choke.
Cause when I'm feelin' happy, I'm feelin' high. I just wanna smile, no one wants to cry.
I worry about things I worry about places. It kinda freaks me out when I see the starin' faces.


"Matter of Time" - 4 track demo released April 2001
"Bone Daddie" 10 track CD released April 2004

Set List

Originals: Covers: We have 3 hours
Bitterness of a variety from
Worry rock to alternative, to
This Man Daydreams funk, to blues, to pop.
Losing My Patience
Back When
Gotta Problem
Blue Thang
A Dream
Don't Ignore Me
What Will I Become
Paranoid Man
Good Mood
Smiling Eyes