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"Bone Deep set for debut show in Falls"

Bone Deep came together as a cover band. It takes the stage this weekend as an original group.
The Buffalo-based band will play its debut show at 10 p.m. Friday at The Evening Star in Niagara Falls. After years in other bands that did mostly classic rock cover songs, the group formed about a year ago and started playing more modern songs, according to lead guitarist Russ Vesci.
Vesci said, "We all have a lot of energy and passion for performing and creating our own music, but we're all kind of tired of the classic rock scene."

So the band sought inspiration from newer hard rock bands such as Disturbed and Godsmack.

But after getting a handful of cover songs down, the band started coming up with its own material.
"Everybody kept leaning more to the originals," Vesci said. "We all said, enough with the covers, let's do the originals."
Lead vocalist Rick Allen is the main lyricist. Allen said he doesn't have any specific inspiration when he's writing.
"It all comes from inside, from our music. Whatever the music makes me feel, that’s the first emotional connection to our who we are and that’s where the words come from, my first impulse reaction to our sound, on an emotional level."
The entire band, including bassist Brian Scranton and drummer Mark Colicchia get involved with the songwriting process, Vesci said.

Allen believes modern hard rock is getting back to basics, and those basics include a flair for showmanship. Bone Deep has continually brought those elements and showmanship to the stage.
"We're also bringing more of those vocal harmonies, in-your-face lead vocals and scorching lead guitar solos," Allen said.

"It is still show business. You're trying to put on a show for everyone. But we’re getting such a kick out of what we’re doing, sometimes it’s the coolest thing in the world to connect with the crowd on a gut level where they feel connected to something you love and that you created…far out!"

The band is currently recording a much anticipated 9-song album in the studio that should be released mid-summer 2008, Vesci said. But for now, the band is focused on its live shows. Anyone who shows up should expect a high-energy, heavy sound, presented with the same confidence and command of the stage that only true veterans of the night club scene could bring to the table.
"Live, you're going to get your butt-kicked," Vesci said.
Contact reporter Phil Dzikiy ext. 114.
- The Niagara Gazette


SNAP-Debut CD released Nov. 15th, available at, Barnes & Noble, on their website and on the band's MySpace profile. Comprised of 9 of the bands best, most recent songs filled with in-your-face energy and soaring lead vocals.



After years of experience performing and composing original music as well as covers, these four musicians and their accomplishments as individuals, are impressive to say the least.

With several top honors at the Buffalo Music Awards as well as multiple nominations in various categories to their credit, the nationally known artists these four musicians have performed with reads like a who's who in rock, including HONEYMOON SUITE, STYX, CHEAP TRICK, FISHBONE and THE WAILERS to name a few.

Bringing years of experience as well as an uncanny sense of composition with the Monster-Rock chops to back it up, BONE DEEP'S music is an experience that has to be seen as well as heard, executing a level of emotion and raw honesty coupled with real talent in each of their areas, that is rare in much of today's music.

Music from their debut CD "SNAP" was used as entrance music for the fighters at several regional XFC (Extreme Fighting Championship) Mixed Martial Arts events throughout the southeastern United States.

Instrumental versions of their tunes are going to be used as incidental background music in an XFC DVD slated for national release spring/summer 2011.