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Joe Conte
A&R Select

These are a short set of experimental tracks with a singer song writer edge and style. The tracks are very diverse atmospheric and full. With instrumentation ranging from not just guitars and drums, but thick bass lines, electro synths, percussion, keys, and horns. This e.p. is short but packed with ambient feels, rock and jazz style guitars, and experimental song writing. The songs are ahead of their time. The percussion and drums come through warm and thick as does the bass. The vocals come through strong and help give these tracks a very stand alone feel. These songs again, have a format and style that is seemingly untapped. This disc is well written, formated, produced, performed, and inventively done. Excellent tracks for this brave new genre of Experimental Folk.

- A&R Select



Songwriter Bryan Kane seems to be looking for a forum for bringing more eclectic ideas into a musical genre and BONE GUNN seems to be the right vehicle for what he calls "Experimental Folk"

There are certainly a great deal of experimental elements reminiscent of early eno, modern jazz and flourishes of experimental bands such as Add N to X and Einsturzende Neubauten.

This collection of studio tracks brings together an otherwise unlikely blend of jazz, rock, world beat, industrial punk, poetic imagery, and enough sonic weirdness to make it all work.

BONE GUNN is certainly no ordinary head-trip. People who want something a little different, a little more intelligent and a little out of the rut of the mainstream should own this.

(Joel Simches) "The Noise" - "THE NOISE" (Boston)

"Bone Gunn Review From 3/20/09"

The Magic Room, Brighton, MA 3/20/09

It’s an unseasonably cold Friday night, I venture out to find the well disguised, or at least visually ambiguous (from the outside) Magic Room. It is located in Brighton, at the North Beacon Street Sound Museum. The Magic Room, itself however is a showcase venue for bands. I’m asked for my mug shot to be in Bone Gunn’s upcoming music video for their song “Flies.”
Metaphor For Everything is up first. Lead singer Brett Greene captivates the audience with his dark lyrics. Equally as engaging as his words is his offbeat comedy in between songs. Cracking on everyone from the locals to the hosting band, his frontman potential shines.
Before Bone Gunn comes up next, the room fills and the crowd is buzzing with anticipation. A man in a Vietnam issue army jacket, a ski mask, and military goggles creeps around my shoulder and nearly gives me a heart attack. Next thing I know, the music starts and this masked man is up on stage singing. The first song builds slowly but surely, with ethereal interludes breaking up a salsa-esque bass groove. The song explodes with a drum part reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails’ “Piggy.” The second song is straight-ahead rock until the end bombards me with tribal drums, a tasteful guitar solo, and a gut-wrenching scream from lead singer Bryan Kane. Throughout the set Bone Gunn’s harmonically strange songs maintain integrity through their pop structure. The final song, “Flies,” delivers tenfold. At the end of the song, guitar player Brian Penny smashes his guitar into innumerable pieces as he swings it around by its strings. It is clear that the band has given every last ounce of energy they have. I can’t wait to see what surprises Bone Gunn will have in the future. (Anthony Viado)
- 'The Noise'

"BONE GUNN pulls fans from every genre!"

BONE GUNN is a strong and dynamic "Experimental Folk" four piece that made a great example for any band by proving themselves on the battlefield. With a majority of hardcore and metal bands in this market, they impressed a crowd with their insightful lyrics and unique sound. Despite the masses having a bias to the metal genre, BONE GUNN succeeded in earning respect from the entire room before the end of the first song."

Christian Henderson
Bodog Music
- BODOG Music


BONE GUNN has released two EPs:
- "From the Chain to the Sky"
- Self titled Japan EP
- "Flies" EP

This music is streaming all over the net and has been featured on nearly every major music website including,,, and many more!

BONE GUNN also has been featured on and and has appeared on the FOX TV show "Fearless Music"

Joel Simches of "THE NOISE" had this to say about the new EP
"BONE GUNN is certainly no ordinary head trip."
"People who want something a little different, a little more intelligent and a little out of the rut of the mainstream should own this."



BONE GUNN is a musical journey into Bryan Kane's perception of reality. Bryan writes all parts of all his songs and maintains an extremely unique style with influences ranging from modern classical to original rock to traditional Irish, excluding nothing in between. BONE GUNN is not for the squeamish, the seekers of cookie cutter pop rock, or those content with our current political situation. However, while extremely original, the group has something for everyone, maintaining integrity with an ever present folk influence and pop structure to their songs.

Gut rattling bass grooves, unnerving guitar riffs, high profile drums and lyrics that blur the line betwixt the personal and the political define BONE GUNN's sounds. Their first 2 EPs, "From the Chain to the Sky," and "BONE GUNN," give a glimpse into the carnival of styles that the full length record will soon present.