Bonehart Flannigan

Bonehart Flannigan

 Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Bonehart Flannigan is a roots band from Lincoln, Nebraska, with varied songwriting and hard-drinking fans.


Bonehart Flannigan was founded by two scoundrels from the sticks of Nebraska in the summer of 2009 when Jon convinced Christopher to come out of musical seclusion and dragged his sorry ass to the Project Earth Music Festival in Harmony Park, MN. Originally billed as Jon Dell and the Bloodnuts (a reference to Christopher's hilarious case of testicular torsion), they metamorphosed into Bonehart Flannigan with the addition of new members Emma Nelson and Joe Misek prior to Lincoln Calling 2009. While their musical style may be difficult to pigeonhole, their songwriting is marked by a propensity for benders and a penchant for memento mori. If it doesn't make you thirst for whiskey and wish for death, it probably ain't Bonehart Flannigan.


Every Heartless Bitch In The World

Written By: Kerr

Andrea was my high school sweetheart for seven years
she promised me she'd stay through good or bad, joy or tears
then one evening i came home early just before ten
and walked in on her laying in bed with my best friend

all my life, been looking for a good girl
but all that i can seem to find
is every cheating bitch in the world

i met Jane on the internet, she was just nineteen
i worshiped her and spoiled her, treated her like a queen
i doubt she ever loved me 'cause we barely were friends
then one day she moved out and i have not seen her since

all my life, been looking for a good girl
but all that i can seem to find
is every heartless bitch in the world

Cherie was in an alleyway about three o'clock
i knew she was a hooker, i could tell by her walk
but for the dozenth time i fell in love at first sight
i knew i'd have to pay her for the night

all my life, been looking for a good girl
but all i that i can seem to find
is every nasty bitch in the world

Teresa was a clubber, we met up on the floor
just fifteen minutes later we bursted out the door
then broke into a Blazer where we had unsafe sex
after which she informed me that she has syphilis

all my life, been looking for a good girl
but all that i can seem to find
is every filthy bitch in the world

but all that i have found so far
is every heartless bitch in the world

Roland And Mathilda or 'Til Infidelity Do Us Part

Written By: Kerr

(Mathilda) I met Roland in a dive bar, he was crying in his beer.
I said, "Mister, if you need to talk I'll gladly lend an ear."
He said, (Roland) "You seem sweet but I don't think that I should share my tale
for I'm fearful that my storytelling will land me in jail."

(Mathilda) I said, "That's just fine, I sympathize, I've got my secrets too
for I'm fleeing from my past, I'm running from the law like you.
My transgression was a crime of passion, folk don't understand.
Now I'm wanted back in Kansas for the death of my old man...

I promised him I'd love him and only him for all his life,
and I did until I came home early on that fateful night
when I caught him in the bedroom cheating on me with some bitch,
so I grabbed a knife and stabbed 'em both and dumped them in a ditch."

(Roland) I met Mathilda in the strangest way one night out drinking.
She took one look at me and summed up just what I was thinking.
She said, (Mathilda) "I know that we're strangers but we both have troubled minds
and there's blood under your fingernails and murder in your eyes."

(Roland) Then she told her tale of vengeance and I hung on ev'ry word
for the odds of us both being killers seemed wholly absurd.
And in that moment I knew we could be like Bonnie and Clyde
so i described to Mathilda the reason I killed my wife:

"I promised her I'd love her and only her for all her life,
and I did until I came home early on that fateful night
when I caught her in the kitchen cheating on me with some clown,
so I pulled my pistol, shot 'em both and stuck them in the ground."

(both) Once we knew each other's stories, we immediat'ly embraced.
(Mathilda) I could smell gunsmoke in his hair. (Roland) I could taste blood on her face.
(both) And we realized that us failing in love could end up in death
So we wrote a contract on a napkin, this is what it read:

You must promise that you'll love me, only me for all your life
and I'll never have to stab your heart or shoot you in the eye.
If I ever catch you cheating on me with some other trick
I will run you through a woodchipper and feed you to the pigs.