Bone Intell

Bone Intell

 Clifton, New Jersey, USA
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Rising Hip Hop artist, who's wity and eceltic style that is captivating the ears of all those around him.


Bone Intell “I don't want to be looked at as a stereotype, or anything as such. At the end of the day I'm a man. --Bone Intell When people first meet the rapper/producer Bone Intell, they are drawn to his swagger. When they listen to his music, they're going to be impressed with his ability to rap about different topics including street life, partying, love gained, love lost, and heartbreak. Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, and currently residing in New Jersey, Bone (as he's called by fans) got his start in music at the age of 14 by freestyling and writing rhymes. He cites rappers Wu-Tang Clang, The Notorious B.I.G., and singer Jamie Fox as his main influences. His desire to make hip-hop his career soon emerged when he went to college. “I was really trying to pick it up there and expand my lyrics and lyricism,” the rapper said. After earning his Associates Degree in Broadcast Journalism, Bone continued to hone his skills, as well as beginning to produce his own beats. This lead him to release his debut mixtape “Changing Faces,” earning him rave reviews from his fans, and leading him to perform at many clubs and events. Bone projects a very masculine, aggressive, hardcore rap persona – one which some elements find uncomfortable. Bone's second mixtape, “Changing Faces Voume 2” has something for everybody. It has some club bangers, including “Cheeks,” which will have listeners trying to pursue that person who captures they eyes with their dancing. “Cheeks is a club song. 'I wanna get up in them cheeks' is something you would say to somebody at the club you trying to get with” he says of the dance track. “Cartoon” is a song that showcases Bone's animated personality and playful side; while the touching heartfelt “Missing You” a song that is dedicated to the rapper's late grandmother. “It's talking to her from the beyond, letting her know that I miss her and that it's a different time for me, because trying to handle that being a musician is really hard.” “Intuition” bring a message to the youth of the next generation. It addresses how they look up to rappers who rap about hustling, violence and promoting negativity. “It may be where I came from, but it's not where I am now. As a man, you have to put away childish things; and in my book those are childish things. In addition to working on his mixtape, the rapper is also working on his full length solo album as well as recording with rappers Bry'nt, Medino Greene, as members of Out Mobb, a group of rappers, with production by Bone Intell. Bone believes the group will break new ground in the world of hip-hop. Website:


Coast2coast vol2 hosted by lil fatts
DJ SMALLS-Southern Smoke 4
Changing Faces vol.1
Changing Faces vol.2
Currently working on DEbut EP album.

Single will be released in mid 2010.

Set List

FAt Boy shyt
Lets Cruise
FAT boy remix
about a 6 min set.
can be longer depending on time available.