Bone Island Buccaneers

Bone Island Buccaneers


A band of pyrates and a pyrate band. The scurvy crew of the BloodLust, the Bone Island Buccaneers invade the stage with music and swordplay creating an atmosphere of fun, history, and adventure for fans of all ages.


The Bone Island Buccaneers are professional improvisational performers available for festivals, historical re-enactment, corporate events, parties, educational programs both public and private.

Members of the Bone Island Buccaneers have appeared on PBS, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, Comcast Spotlight, NPR, CBS, Fox Television, and Clear Channel Radio. As well, they have performed at a variety of charity and corporate events across the country, on stages both large and small.

Starting in 2007, they became hosts of the Fort Zachary Taylor Pirate Festival, an integral part of the Pirates in Paradise yearly festival in Key West Florida. Due to their efforts Fort Zachary garnered a State Park attendance award for the event.

The Bone Island Buccaneer stage show consists of singing, dialogue, live-steel swordplay, live-fire black powder weapons, incorporating living history through storytelling of the Golden Age of Piracy.

Whether you want an action packed performance complete with cannon fire or simply the presence of pirates at your event, the Bone Island Buccaneers can design their performance based on your budget and needs.

From a few to a whole crew, they invade to create an atmosphere of adventure for fans of all ages.


Sword and Iron Thunder

Written By: Beau Dobbs

Would you embrace the skull and bones
Leave a lawful life at home
Sail the seas in search of plunder
Sword and Iron Thunder
Sword and Iron Thunder

We sailed aboard merchant ships
with captains cruel and greedy
they cheated, starved us, lined their pockets
Kept their crews quite needy
They kept their crews quite needy.
Her majesty's ships impressed the crews
Forced to sail upon the blue
Sadistic officers twice as mean
Yes these were the worst we'd seen
Yes these were the worst we'd seen

We came abreast a Brigantine
a merchant vessel so it seemed
a pirate ship, we didn't know
too late to fight or go
It was too late to fight or go.
They boarded us we were their prize
Our captain swore and damned their eyes
They shot him dead cut off his head
On the ocean floor he lies
On the ocean floor he lies.

They gave us a chance to row for shore
but working paupers we'd be no more
as a pirate crew we're all the same
to share the loot or blame
to share the loot or blame
we sailed and robbed both day and night
gave quarter to those who refused to fight
until a man o' war put a hole in our hold
captured with all our gold
We were captured with all our gold

But coin and jewels tempted the crew
The officers they over threw
they set us free
Pirates born anew
We were pirates born anew

Ballad of the Bone Island Buccaneers

Written By: Terry Lynn Conrads aka Rusty Nell Riley

The Ballad of The Bone Island Buccaneers

Across endless deserts of sea
Sun scorched and cursed men, we be
Forever our sails made
We're bound to this rough trade
We search to unravel the key

Reese charted a map long ago
To fortune and riches untold
The church bound to hide it
We swore we would find it
and make Reese's treasure our own

So dressed as a priest Jai did go
Stole the map so we sailed for the pole
But the Arch Angel followed
and Sterling, he bellowed
"Make way, or the locker you'll know"

Bloody Spike Pierce ruled the day
Through maelstroms, storm squall and spray
to the earths frozen center
we never surrendered
We fought them like hell all the way

X marked the spot was Atlantis
A temple of gold quite fantastic
A tree life eternal
both crews now immortal
locked in great battles were tested

Atlantis destroyed in our haste
The mystery now is laid waste
We're marked to remember
the symbols surrendered
in the rubble of that sacred place

Our captains left arm be our guide
to unravel this secret through time
the first to the key
is the crew to be free
No longer men cursed by the prize.

Across endless deserts of sea
Sun scorched and cursed men, we be
Forever our sails made
We're bound to this rough trade
We've sailed here for many long years

Forever our sails made
We're bound to this rough trade
as Bone Island Buccaneers.


Ole Zach's Tavern 2007 Mutiny Records

Set List

The Bone Island Buccaneers perform historic sea shanties as well as original pirate songs.

Most stage shows typically include dialogue, sword fighting, and black powder where area and safety permits.

Their repertoire consists of:

Stowing Booty
Bound Away for Bone Island
Pump Shanty
Billy Bones
Sword and Iron Thunder
The Derelict
The Mermaid
Life of A Pirate
Drunken Sailor
Stowing Booty in the Hold Below
All for Me Grog
O'Reilly's Daughter
Highland Laddie
Hey Ho Heave Her Around
Billy O'Shea
On the Account
Ranza Rey
Rowdy Soul
Ballad of the Bone Island Buccaneers
Drink Bone Island Dry
Do Re Me Rum
Rolling Sea
Sam's Gone Away
Johnny Be Fair
Here to Drink the Whiskey
Haul Away Joe
Away Rio
No Purchase No Pay
Whiskey O
Shackles and Ribbons
Send Down A Dove
Hoist the Colors
Friggin in the Riggin
Bellbottom Trousers
Blow the Man Down
Brotherhood of the Coast
Old Joe
Health to the Company
Hangin Johnny
Fiddlers Green
Bold Fightin