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"Raw Power and Risk"

"A personal display of character, emotion, self-diclosure, raw power and risk wrapped up in mesmerizing lyrics and blockbuster riffs...Boneriver creates their own genre' of alternative sound taking the Northwest by storm, hypnotizing fans and pushing the rest of the local venue out of the way" - Matt Brown A/R Rep. Guitar Center

"Boneriver gets the job done right"

BoneRiver recently played to a packed room of VIP’s who paid as much as $200 a plate to attend a Rock Star Supernova event in Everett.
There’s nothing more challenging for a band than to play to a crowd of people who have food on their plates, and enough lighting in the room to see the grease on their fingers.
Somehow though, the members of BoneRiver managed to get the job done right, and these guys can certainly put on a show worthy of any opening act on tour today.
From the moment they entered the room and took the stage, they brought plenty of high energy with their strong vocals, pounding rhythms, and intricate leads of the guitar.
Now I can see why they won the Jimmy Z’s Battle of the Bands to land the coveted VIP entertainment spot.
If you get the chance to see them live, take the time to do so; it will be worth the drive. - Chuck Tuck – Reporter/Photographer Lake Stevens Journal &

"New Edge"

…A hard, tightly fitted, wicked driving new edge with a high energy twist leaving you thirsty…catch Boneriver at a local venue while you still can … these guys may not be sticking around for very long” - Richard Hemp KZOK 102.5FM Seattle,WA


“When Boneriver’s Audio Scent starts to crawl down the back of your neck, you better get a hold of it fast. These guys come to play hard…bringing rhythm and bones to block the crap in your arteries from going anywhere! Now you are set to rot with these fresh new recordings that leave you wanting MORE…. - Jim Kroozy – Studio A

"Boneriver delivers"

“Somewhere in the Northwest…just outside on a dark sidewalk lies the char of coffee grounds from an irrelevantly flipped Starbucks Grande, how could you know it was the 6th one that was chugged in order to keep up with the Buzz about this new band…Boneriver delivers their dark sky, cold dead earth policy with subtle reminders of a day passed and nights unforgettable…get their new disc now and forget about your dirty linoleum floor!” - Little Ronnie Hall TV


"Idiot" 6 song EP released on April 7th 2007
Sold out Cd Release party

"Oil and Water" Released Summer 2008



Boneriver was formed in late 2005 by cousins Tim Stickney and Stefan Miller whom then set out to find the perfect rhythm section to complete their family. After some great song writing and recording sessions they found veteran drummer Scott Henderson. He quickly became the 3rd family member. The addition of bassist Jerry Hansen completed the equation they had been searching for. With the final member in place, and the vision united, they are now poised to promote the band through all available avenues.

The excitement and love for their craft combined with the great relationship they have with one another generates an energy that is both heard in their recordings and seen in their live performances. Boneriver has played many cross genre shows and their impressive ability to draw the crowd to the front of the stage has found them embraced by fans and fellow musicians from all genre.

BoneRiver is comprised of seasoned, experienced musicians with strong song writing skills. Their music shows depth, creativity and versatility. The contrast as they go from a song such as "Idiot" which displays Rock-N-Roll to the core, to a song such as "Sick of it All" with it's acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies continue to keep fans wanting more.

Everett Events Center
Holiday Havoc
Battle of the Bands -1st Place
November 25, 2006 Everett, WA

Everett Events Center
RockStar; Supernova VIP Party
February 18, 2007 Everett, WA

Boneriver CD Release Party
Sold Out in Advance!
April 7, 2007

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