Boners And Airplanes

Boners And Airplanes


Music to us is about getting you to have a good time by playing something you can't help but sing along to. We blend acoustic guitars with a crunching distortion to stretch our sound without compromising those catchy melodies and layered harmonies. We're not a joke band, but we're fun.


What began with an acoustic guitar and the will to bring people together to sing along to a few songs has now expanded to a fuller sound. There is no specific format here. There are no rules. We just try to write what we would like to hear and that can change from day to day.
Our main influences come from bands such as the Get Up Kids, Alkaline Trio, Bouncing Souls, Vision, and Avail.
The big question is; "Why Boners and Airplanes??" To that we say, "Why not?" To avoid cliches and unwanted stigmas that come with many of your trite band names, we figure a simple dose of elementary school humor is enough to make you turn your head twice to read that flyer with our name on it and maybe you'll even get a smile out of it and maybe you'll even be curious enough to check out that show.
Our music however, does not include many jokes. We tell tales about all those crazy things that love will make a person do. Unlike our elementary name, we write these songs at a professional level and after many years of practice. Our basic goal is to put into words what you wish you could say to that someone and we believe our songs achieve that.
All of us have spent years on the road touring and growing with our various bands in the punk and hardcore scene; Redtops, Hard to Kill, Barricade, Nemesis Enforcer. We've slept on dirty floors and lived out of truck stops. We've played stages in every state and have had a blast doing it. Now we believe it's time to step forward in a new direction.


Cafe Dysthymia (EP) is our first release available online and in stores through Creep Industries.

Set List

Full Band Set List (45min-1hour):
Victory For Damian
Whores And Wives
Promise Me That You're Gone
Hopes Up To The Sky
Please Die Already
*Cover Song

Tom's Solo Set List (approx 2 continuous hours):
6 original songs listed above
+ Covers by Johnny Cash, Social Distortion, Alkaline Trio, Third Eye Blind, Neil Young, The Get Up Kids, The Misfits, etc. and yes, even Britney Spears.

One Note to Add:
We use profanity as a form of exaggeration to get our point across strongly in song. However, we understand that some audiences require a more conservative presentation which we have no problem adjusting to.