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""Calyptrophone" Review (Edmonton)"

These guys are probably sick and tired of being compared to Tom Waits but the music begs the comparison. Watching some of their live material on youtube carries that whole comparison so much farther though. If Waits was a much younger man with way too much energy and the onset of some animal madness the connection would be far stronger. The energy and charisma of Bones Malones is a whole new plateau of hobo crunk. The harmonica howls gorgeously and the piano jangles are a brilliant touch. The vocalist, on whom this whole thing sits like fire on a torch, can really spin a yarn too. His personality shines through everything. And yet, for all the passion and brutality of Calyptrophone, a thread of contentment weaves itself through the entire album. Don’t miss this rag tag outfit tomorrow (June 27) at Wunderbar with another brilliant songwriter, Old Time Machine all the way from the Yukon. - Argue

""Calyptrophone" Review (Montreal)"

Bones Malones’s second LP titled Calyptrophone was officially released November 5th at Petit Campus in Montreal. Much like the show, Calyptrophone brings out the energy and mayhem that is Bones Malones.

Recorded in a barn, Calyptrophone was conceived over several long and whorey nights in the winter of 2011. What came out were 13 songs that range from Blues,Caveman Rock, Bar Waltz, Pop ballads, dancehall and even a hint of tango. Helping out on the recording of Calyptrophone are members of The BCASA, Danny Rebel & The KGB, CAB and more.

Mixed, mastered and recorded by Bones Malones himself, all songs were recorded live off the floor and it’s this rawness that makes the album stand out. - Montreal Live

""Calyptrophone" Review (Montreal)"

URL - The Suburban

"High ISO Review (New Orleans)"

We were stunned by this show. Bones Malones is a speaker-shredding pusher of s***-eating grin. Like an even angrier version of Tom Waits, on tracks like Chip My Tooth, you wonder how his voice is going to survive the show. His CD, “Barn Recordings”,which was in fact recorded in a barn, is top notch, swing your arms and punch the air material and–warning–played on a good system, it’s a full bore, furniture flying everywhere, listen. Bones Malones is based in Montreal and destined to be in your face soon, wherever you may be. - Golden G. Richard III

"Bones Malones w/ Trigger Effect (Montreal)"

’avais Bones Malones dans la mire depuis un moment, mais j’avais pas encore eu l’occasion de le voir en concert. Je m’attendais à une sorte d’homme-orchestre guitare-harmonica à p’tit chapeau, à la stature imposante (parce qu’à entendre sa grosse voix crasseuse de bluesman, t’es sûr que le gars doit être shapé comme un frigo à 3 portes).
Finalement, à part pour le chapeau, j’étais dans le champ sur toute la ligne: Malones est plutôt de petite stature (au point où une amie se demandait si cette voix sortait vraiment de ce type!), il ne jouait pas de guitare ni d’harmonica (laissant le talentueux Charles Barrington se ruiner les babines à sa place). En fait, Malones était accompagné d’un groupe complet ce qui a donné un rock bluesé malpropre beaucoup plus loud que ce à quoi je m’attendais. J’ai été surpris et jetté par-terre. Fantastique! - Bang Bang Blog (Francais)

"Sound and Noise review (Calgary)"

The fulcrum of this ragtag concoction of whiskey-cured peat-moss troubadours is named Bones Malones. Bones has a voice like a grated cookie monster who was fattened on eighty-year-old whiskey and broken wine glasses blackened with the ashes of a thousand hand-rolled clove cigarettes, only to be made into rilette for the finger-food rich to snack on like so many flamingoes imprisoned in the glass cages of so many department stores. Like the previous act, the band was making their debut acoustique; or rather, this is what we were made to believe. The reality was far more concussive: at some point in the choreography of fine-tuned orchestration known as unpacking gear, the band had lugged a small amplifier onto the fresh-stage and plugged it in to some unknown source. Magicians of Molewark could not be so crafty! These not-quite-unplugged tunes hit us with a fierce, possibly fiery force made all the more virile in juxtaposition with the surf-soaked acoustic such’n’such BCASA had just moments earlier spit forth upon the rapt crowdgoers. Bones, a man of apt intensity, pushed out powerful bellows that rushed over the crowd with a booze-like venomous intent to move–mind, body and soul. We had been promised trash-can, booze drenched, floor-stomping blues. We got more. - The Sound and Noise


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