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Bone Yard

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Bone Yard is a band that wants to simply rock. With catchy, bluesy riffs, Bone Yard wants fans to feel like they are on the back of the Harley, riding through the desert with us. Through life's up's & down's, The fans can relate to us and will feel like they are part of Bone Yard...On our journey.


Boneyard, On the voodoo highway................ JJ Lang - vocals, guitar..... Doug Mac - bass, vocals..... Mick Lee - guitar, vocals..... Brian Donnelly - drums...... …The stranger kicked the dust off his boots and ordered up a whiskey. His tall frame eclipsed the door, but nobody looked up… all eyes were fixed on the stage. Steam heat fogged the front window giving the neon a soft glow. Inside, bottles clinked, pool balls clacked and bodies writhed together in electric anticipation. There was a hush over the room. The lights went down and the hush got louder. Four cats mounted the stage with no fanfare, plugged in and peeled out. The place immediately ignited. Boneyard began to play… The stranger’s story was unclear, as was everyone’s in the joint. But how they all got there was unimportant, serendipitous as it may have seemed. What mattered was that this moment in time in this joint du jour had an immediate soundtrack… a sonic backdrop of faded denim and leather full of metal power, blues passion and guitar-driven Southern pride. And as cinematic as this seems, Boneyard --- these nomads of the American soundscape--- paint this picture nightly… With classic rebel swagger, they own the immediate world around them. They’re the dudes all the guys wanna be… they’re the dudes all the girls wanna do. It’s an all-around seduction. Few bands do this well, hell, few bands do this at all. This quartet simply does not fool around. Where bands will flush thousands of dollars in the studio trying to capture something that ain’t there, Boneyard recorded its “Voodoo Highway” CD in two days for 300 bucks. You can’t pull that off unless you’re for real, Jack… Boneyard knows it’s not enough to simply play or hear this music. It has to be lived and felt. It has to be breathed in before it can be breathed out. You have to straddle it before you can ride. It’s gotta burn… Boneyard brings this rock n roll, this relentless reality to everyplace they play. Whether it’s a metropolis, the end of the road, or somewhere in between. You can see it in a wake of roof-less gin joints and broken hearts. Just ask the stranger… Better yet, you be that stranger…on the voodoo highway. --- Frank De Blase September 17, 2009 Rochester, NY


Bone Yard CD-"Voodoo Highway" was released in 2009 and has had 4 songs hit the radio locally. "Voodoo Highway" and "Rainshine", "Train Wreck" & "Preacher Man".

Set List

Usual set list is about 12 songs, roughly 60 mins with no covers songs & a good mix of Strong rockers as well as a ballad or 2.. song list as follows:
Victim of Hate, Rainshine, Preacher Man, Trigger Finger, Train Wreck, Real, Chosen One, Dying on the Vine, The Monkey & the Scarecrow & Voodoo Highway, Angry Jesus, Hells Angel & Revolution.