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Monster Music

Written By: Michael Brady DBA Bonez

Dudes a monster, Dudes a beast:;
Learned to get dough in these Cali streets;
Heat holders, rivalries with the rollers,
potential got a hood resting fresh atop his shoulders;
Mail folders, steering wheel on the left side;
Yeah dudes from Cali, but he move units like Bedstuy;
Straight off them blocks where the blue guys fight them red guys;
blappin' monster music, ridin' through the westside.......


Life is crazy;
I see everything for what it's worth;
Everybody, wanna ride my coat tail;



Wherewolves and Goblins;
These vampires'll drain you;
Casper's in the whip;
got something in the trunk that'll make you backflip if you ask for it;
All that howling at the moon, I just ignore it;
Move on;
Pep in my step:
rest has been forsaken;
widows with a red spot, killers with a red dot;
What's the worth;
dealers advertise on t-shirts;
and squeelers receive warnings in the same fashion;
Her cold face turned my heart to stone;
Life's song lacking a metronome;
Caddy Brougham's pull up to serve the living dead;
Nowhere near a guillotine;
Yet preteen and giving head;
snakes shed skin and change face like halloween;
tryin' to get what you've been working for;
Under my bed is a monster of another sort;
Used to be long and scary;
Cut him down;
Now he's short




Now every thug wanna rap like a mummy;
but every rapper ain't a thug, and every thug ain't a rapper;
travesties occur;
spirits are a blur;
in the night time;
keep your head up to the skyline;
aliens invade, usually through the back window;
Lazerbeams and such, turn these characters to dust;
A space odyssey;
Chips in everything:
and I ain't talkin' 'bout chocolate;
I'm on another topic;
Toxic warheads;
Who's a monster, who's not?;
and who could really tell you, learning from a T.V.?;
The rings got us;
product placement eats our paychecks;
So dudes a giant;
Jolly when he gets the green;
We do it King Kong, Godzilla, and Lochness;
To our parents it's a frightfest;
Somewhat hard to digest;
I type text;
Please allow me to digress;
I'm on some other shit;
The other monsters call me highness;