Bongo Botrako

Bongo Botrako

 Tarragona, Catalonia, ESP

The most outstanding rising band in the "mestizo" music scene in Spain. A colourful mix of Reggae & hot rhythims, a high energy & festive live set has lead them to play over 300 gigs in 5 countries with their 1st album. Just launched their 2nd album "Revoltosa". Where will that lead them to?


Bongo Botrako lanches their second album "Revoltosa" a close and organic album, with lively music and lyrics that reflect imperative social issues nowadays, as the economic and citizen revolts. Lyrics that talk about peace, love, solidarity between people and communities

No doubt this is the album that consolidates the band in a unique style, somewhere between reggae and hot rhythms, with a loyal and growing number of followers throughout the peninsula and in other European countries such as France, Italy, Austria, Belgium and Holland.

And after the great success thanks to the song "Cada dia sale el Sol, Chipirón! - Bongo Botrako's progression has been unstoppable everywhere where they have been.

The band was created by Uri in a public square in his hometown Tarragona which he calls it "The public square of Joy", and in fact is the title of one of the songs included on his first album. The footprint of the street is very obvious in his music: simple and straightforward, a mix of many styles very difficult to classify. An explosive mix that some have dubbed as "Punk parranda" (punk party)


Todos los dias sale el sol, chipiron - Kasba Music (2010)
Revoltosa - Kasba Music (2012)