A schizophrenic mix of punk, funk, ska, and pop blended with smart lyrics, political rants, and other assorted mayhem, bongo jones sounds like the cool ass mix cd your weirdo friend from high school should have made you.


“Why aren’t these guys famous?” – most often heard comment at a BONGO JONES show

BONGO JONES believes in three things: writing great songs, playing them as often and as loudly as they can, and having as much fun as humanly possible while they do it. The overiding standard by which they judge their music is simple: never be boring. The result is that BONGO JONES comes across like one of those carefully assembled comp CDs your weirdo friend from high school used to make for you. Every song was different but every song rocked. That’s BONGO JONES. Their latest album, “HOOK TO THE HEAD”, is a prime example of the band’s schizophrenic attitude toward their craft. Throughout the 18 song release the band sings about stalkers and nazis, drunks and yuppies, high school murder and middle class apathy. Funk, punk, pop, ska, metal, and old school rap all find a place in their music, sometimes all in one song. And every song rocks.

“You guys are the greatest band I ever saw.” – Trevor, age 11, after a Bongo Jones show

BONGO JONES was formed when Buzzy (chief songwriter, spiritual leader, bad ass drummer) and Rob (singer, saxophone, funky ass motherfucker) decided that no band they were in would ever let them do everything they wanted so they’d better start their own. They stole Frankie (big ass monster bass) and Stef (sweet ass guitar) from the cover bands they were in, and BONGO JONES was born. They began by playing anywhere that had electricity and a stage, and they haven't stopped since. BONGO JONES is four friends who have found their way. They do not have a bus with BONGO JONES painted on the side. They do not date starlets and strippers and eat at Nobu - these are not the way. The way is to play.

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Set List

BONGO JONES can play three 45 minute, all original sets along with the rare suprise cover song. A typical set list pulls equally from their recorded and unrecorded material.