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Bongo Jones - Hook to the Head
4 stars
Review by Kevin Keating

I'm at a pretty big loss here - Bongo Jones has tried really hard to defy genre, and actually have been successful. There's a lot of ska, a lot of funk, a fair amount of classic rock, a little punk, some metal, a little rap - it's really all over the place. And they do it all really well. This is not ever going to be a number one record. It is, however, earnest good-time music with a serious respect for instinct that goes really far. This is totally original and perfectly implemented - pick it up for when you inevitably get bored of all your music. I promise this will at least get your attention.


"Living in a state where oh so many mediocre Emo, Screamo, and Hardcore bands...are polluting the music scene, the fresh, original, funky sound of Bongo Jones has come to clean up the mess. Their songs are not only catchy, but they're very unique and creative for this day and age.

This Band has been rockin out for over ten years their first full-length CD was released in 2004 the title "Hook to the Head" 18 tracks of pure wonderful! From start to finish "Hook to the Head" will blow you away! The CD opens with the song "Jumpinonthebassline" an energetic funky number that really portrays the soul of the band. As the CD continues the musical and lyrical genius of this band becomes more and more clear.

All in all this cd is worth about $20 dollars and they sell it for $10, so go get yourself a copy and enjoy.

I give it 5 stars!
-Davey P

- - December 2005


A Hook To The Heart…by Chris Barry

With a name that sounds like a down-under character from a black and white 60’s biker movie, the sound of Bongo Jones couldn’t fit more comfortably with that celluloid image. If that sounds cool enough, then you’ll understand how it is that almost everyone who’s seen and heard Bongo Jones walks away wondering why they’ve never been offered or aggressively pursued ‘The Big Deal’.

One thing you’ll lose track of listening to Bongo Jones is the labels, because once these 609 guys kick into gear, you’ll just boogy to ‘em over and over and may even cry when you’re done.

1st cut ‘Jumpin on the bassline’ pops out at you with a stopstart to monster-sinewy riff, wrapped around a whitejive rap and crisply ominous mainhook. They wanna see your body move alright, and next tune Bongo tells us its more than just about ‘Amy’, where Steff’s pop-pumping guitar and Rob’s horn squeeze out a slickly rousing B.A.D. type riff that’ll make you gasp for more.

But the coolest, hookiest and most vamping Bongo riff award belongs to ‘Welcome to America’, a lunging to slamming anthem previously released in earlier days; the whole thing just buzzes with danger as Rob sings “I spent a whole life trying to get a bigger car than you”and the song’s mainriff just gets edgier on each reprise.

“Find me a leader, find me religion, find me soul, can’t be blamed, just doin’ what I’m told!” This is Rock and Roll with a voice, and it’s the everydude voice of Bongo Jones.

While all of Bongo’s songs are great, they’re greater because of the band’s signature intros; Like the drum thundering bass funk of ‘Rudy’, the punked-up rampage of ‘Eulogy for me’ or the punk-funk to reggae pop flavor of ‘The sun still follows me’. Also dug the guitar-gouging rave-up of ‘Walk’, an off-the-wall testimony to the average common dude that shudders with visceral energy in crunching rap/metalcore riffs that dance you up the side of a wall. And check the riff-shredding, supple edge of ‘Braindead’, hear the guitar and horn chase each other off a cliff as the band declares ‘We got LOVE so who gives a F___!?!”

But the mainframe of the band cooks on thanks to their incredible rhythm section, and I don’t think there’s a tighter drummer between Camden and Asbury Park who wouldn’t get blown off the stage by Buzzy.

Let’s say their sound is purely one of a kind and will stick solidly to your brain and boogey glands.

All I can add is make sure you catch them out because there’s really nobody on the scene for my money who can compare to this band in a live show. Once you stop, gape and boogey you’ll be a fan for life.

- UPSTAGE MAGAZINE - December 2004


According to Chris Barry, staff Writer of the Aquarian weekly.
- HOOK TO THE HEAD chosen as one of the Top Ten CDs of 2004


The Bongo Jones song "RUDY" was chosen as one of the most intriguing songs of 2004 by Altrock radio. - Altrock Radio - broadcast on WRSU-FM 88.7 New Brunswick on January 14, 2005


This New Jersey quartet mixes a lot into their blend of rock n’ roll. There is some 311 in the mix, but the rest of the influences sound like straight-forward pop rock with bits of funk.

Bongo Jones’ music is centered around the tight bass and drum relationship with the occasional guitar solo. That tight rhythmic relationship is topped off by the vocals, which switch from old school rap, to soul, to funk and back again. The guy has a great voice, and his eclectic vocal style works well with the band’s sound. Check it out.
- The Pulse Weekly - March 2006





“Why aren’t these guys famous?” – most often heard comment at a BONGO JONES show

BONGO JONES believes in three things: writing great songs, playing them as often and as loudly as they can, and having as much fun as humanly possible while they do it. The overiding standard by which they judge their music is simple: never be boring. The result is that BONGO JONES comes across like one of those carefully assembled comp CDs your weirdo friend from high school used to make for you. Every song was different but every song rocked. That’s BONGO JONES. Their latest album, “HOOK TO THE HEAD”, is a prime example of the band’s schizophrenic attitude toward their craft. Throughout the 18 song release the band sings about stalkers and nazis, drunks and yuppies, high school murder and middle class apathy. Funk, punk, pop, ska, metal, and old school rap all find a place in their music, sometimes all in one song. And every song rocks.

“You guys are the greatest band I ever saw.” – Trevor, age 11, after a Bongo Jones show

BONGO JONES was formed when Buzzy (chief songwriter, spiritual leader, bad ass drummer) and Rob (singer, saxophone, funky ass motherfucker) decided that no band they were in would ever let them do everything they wanted so they’d better start their own. They stole Frankie (big ass monster bass) and Stef (sweet ass guitar) from the cover bands they were in, and BONGO JONES was born. They began by playing anywhere that had electricity and a stage, and they haven't stopped since. BONGO JONES is four friends who have found their way. They do not have a bus with BONGO JONES painted on the side. They do not date starlets and strippers and eat at Nobu - these are not the way. The way is to play.

For booking, or any other information contact BONGO JONES at and