Boni Jane

Boni Jane


My music is quirky, melodic, folky, soulful, emotional yarns, packaged in conventionally arranged pop/dance/ballad form, perfect for mature and young alike who like a good old love story.


I've been doing music on and off for several years. I've been in a couple of groups the first was an all girl 8 piece accapela group called the "Treblemakes" where i sung 4 part harmonys. More recently i 've decided to make may own music so i started composing songs on my kid's little yamaha Keyboard, while going through a bit of a midlife crisis i found solace in performing them at The Spice of Life. Where on one Monday night in February 2004 I met Kaz, we hit it off so well we've been together ever since, and he's now my producer helping develop my music and sometimes making an appearance as he does in "Coconut Rum" where he sings the rap in the middle as one of our many characters we've created called Dexter. Kaz and I have done a lot together we've gone round the world, formed a band called Puppet Love and done gigs in Barcelona in mid 2006, we've performed 3 short plays at Ginglik in Shepherds Bush in Autumn 2005 which at present we are about to turn in to a feature film, which will include some of my music. I've worked with a few people who include Colyn Young From the Foundations (who sung the hit "Build me up Butercup"), Steve Rowlands from The Family Dog who first had the hit Sympathy and "The way of life" and later went on to produce Zanadoo Featured in the Alien opera in the Movie "Fifth Element", Anthony Galatis (before his recent hits with Tinder Box), and more recently Sam Glassman, Dan Clarke (who's worked along side Corrine Baily'rae on her debut album) and Jim Barber (who's played guitar for many famous rock bands including Thin lizzy and The Rolling Stones. I can be found playing at The open mic in The Sun In Spendour in Notting Hill. The Spice of Life on a Monday, or at the odd bedspringsacoustic gig. If you are interested in booking me please email, I have written over 50 of my own songs and do a few covers (when i'm in the mood), i'm sure I have a set to suit your taste. And would enjoy to play, pretty much anywhere! Boni xxx


Dont wanna go

Written By: Bonita Jane Awan

Babe I've noticed lately that you cannot bear affection -

When my bodies close to you - you quickly turn away -

I've seen it in your eyes the cold light of rejection -

something in my soul tells me I really shouldn't stay... oh no -

Really shouldn't stay... oh no -

Main Chorus
Dont wanna go its too sad
what has happened to our love -
just remember what we had
All these years have gone by
When I think of all the memories it makes me wanna cry
Chorus pt 2
What went wrong with our love?
When I think of how it started we were so high above -
can't pretend to be glad -
I know you've got somebody new -
its no good feeling sad -

Verse 2

I think its time you told me whos tearing us apart who is it? wanna know how - who stole away your heart -
I know that I'm not perfect but you knew that from the start and still I make the same mistakes but should that make us past oh no -
should that make us part - oh no
should that make us part oh no!


Chorus Pt 2
and so we'll say our last goodbyes by the way you're acting lately its come as no surprise hold back the tears - we have to part-
So what's the use of Staying when you r playing with my heart?

Chorus - Jam / fade out


Current Promo Album "Boni Jane love fame"

Set List

Black Ferrari
Hey Man
Dont wanna go
Dont be angry
All over the world
Say goodbye
Coconut rum
Save some love for me