Bonjour Brumaire

Bonjour Brumaire

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

A young Montreal alternative band. At only 18 years of age, they show impressive musical maturity by complementing gorgeous acoustic guitar melodies with delicate vocals, keys, electric guitar and bass, brass instruments and drums for a contemporary orchestral feel that is immense and introspective at the same time.


While Montreals Bonjour Brumaire is a young band by any measure, even after celebrating their first birthday in January 2008, their indie rock still speaks to the heart of pops golden age with a refreshingly uncontrived message. The music is smart, catchy and uncompromising; it avoids both empty imitation and facile novelty with a contemporary self-consciousness that informs their songwriting in structure and lyric. Clearly, Bonjour Brumaire has managed to grow from disparate roots a musical sense of self that flirts shamelessly between pop axioms and prog indulgence.

Orchestral arrangements of organ, bass, guitar, and drums cushion solo and group vocals that drip with equal parts hook and enduring melody, endearing the listener to an aesthetic that recalls French caf, the Lower Main, and a sweaty London dive circa 75 with equal regard.

The bands first full length, entitled "De la Nature des Foules", was recorded at four locations in Montreal over five months by acclaimed producer Ryan Battistuzzi, and hit shelves April 1st 2008 on Indica Records.

While in studio, the band recorded on the mixing board responsible for the (more than) famous Rolling Stones album "Exile on Main Street" and Led Zeppelins "Physical Graffiti".

Bonjour Brumaire have played some of canadas premier festivals in 2008 including osheaga, festival dt de quebec and francofolies and continue to tour relentlessly.


De la Nature des Foules (2008 - Indica Records)

Brooklyn (2008 - Indica Records)
Prunelle (2008 - Indica Records)
L'Insouciance ne s'improvise pas (2008 - Indica Records)

These previous tracks have all had radio airplay on commercial radios in Canada and videos.

Set List

L'Insouciance ne s'improvise pas
Pavillon Lachapelle
Liberté chérie
Demain n'existe plus
La fin a petit feu

We usually play 10 to 12 songs, for a 45 to 60 mins set.