Bonk is an emotional blow to the chest that leaves you waiting for the next show. They have created the perfect mix of in-your-face metal and beautiful melodic composition. Bonk's true integrity and creativity are what separate them from all else.

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Written By: Bonk

Just let me lay here (I'm so comfortable)……Please don't move me let me be (Can't you see)……..It sets me free……It sets me as free as I can possibly be

I still remember that day like it was yesterday subconsciously I'm trying to forget this painful memory with no reprieve to this day I still feel responsible it's horrible………………..(Everywhere I go a reminder of you)

So many nights looking at the sky wondering just where you are it helps when you make your presence cause I know that you aren't very far I'm sure that you can see me on my own at parties wondering off by myself…………(Looking at the stars with you)

They're so beautiful it relaxes me for a while until my buzz wears off and all my thoughts begin to compile then misery takes over and I'm uncomfortably sober so I reinforce this state of mind…………..(And lay back down with you)

It seems like 20 minutes time is still and hours pass I black out when I wake dew is forming on the grass always amazes me how the moon circles in the sky I start to cry then wonder why…………….(I can't see you)

Why can't I escape that night why can't I forget this memory
I don't want to escape that night I don't want to forget this memory

I still remember that night after the game I made you some Chef Boy R. D. and poured you a shot of whiskey I didn't know that it would be the last time we'd ever get to drink together
I still remember playing on that trampoline we went to the front and I got on that tricycle what a spectacle I wish you could have seen how funny I was that night I wish we could have seen so many things together that…..(Night)

Heavy Middle:
Every time that I see you it takes me there
I can't do anything you are everywhere
I try to inebriate myself to extremes
Always failing always finding objects with meaning
Of abstract they attack when I'm clear of mind
But I can't find their purpose that's it I resign

Hand in Hand

Written By: Bonk

Hand in hand
I want you to know everything that's built up in my head
I want you to know everything that my mind has said

I remember so few times we had
so clearly you and me and I can't stand
that it's all gone now cause I never wanted anything other
you made me feel so great
your eyes took over fate
your eyes took over fate
your eyes took over…

You made me feel so great
your eyes took over fate
You made me feel so great
your eyes took over…….

For this I owe to you I realize now that I was not true but now I understand what matters to me you were everything I can promise this to you I won't forget what we went through but now I understand what matters to me

(You were everything)………………(I still remember)

As the rain fell down so hard, and we sat hand in hand, this moment seemed like forever I wish you could understand

Hand in……….In hand……..(I still remember)


Written By: Bonk

So perfect it seemed from the outside all the time trying to make this seem ok
But things were different from the inside thinking that it was supposed to be this (Way)

You never understood my cries maybe you cared but it did not seem ok
Did you love me who knows with your lies it was never supposed to be this (Way)

I must admit that you made me stronger to young to defend so it did not seem ok
You didn’t know that in a while longer I would make sure that it would never be this (Way)

You took everything from me you made this a fucked up place to be
I tried to hide but you always found me I tried to hide but you always found me

Go ahead, Go ahead………..

Go ahead and try to hit me now You’ll see me fuck you up
I see fear in your eyes your just a bitch ass punk
You ever hurt her again your fuckin’ life could end
My anger I can not suppress when I know that I could end this mess

Now I’m left with this void inside me learning from you so the whole thing seems ok
All that you did to me I hold closely so I know not to repeat things in this (Falling Completely)


The debut album should be out soon
The song 8-26 has been requested number 1 for numberous weeks on 88.9 WSTB and our new single Conversation with a Friend will be played shortly.

Set List

In no particular order:

*Hand in Hand
Sunny Skies
Channel 58
This Release
Coversation with a Friend
+we fall
One Voice

*on the demo