Bonnie Gray

Bonnie Gray


I have just started this year writting songs and have found out that i thoroughly enjoy it. All my songs glorify God as He has given me this voice to sing. All My songs are sent from God He is my insperation. My songs are all about trials in life as well as blessings and how amasing God in heaven is


As i said above, all my music is inspired by my heavenly father. He is so awesome and has strengthen me with my voice and song writtings. I always used to sing in the shower and never out aloud infront of anyone. Last year, year 11 my friend and teacher recognised my talent and have helped me let go of my fears. I have always sung quietly in my room and today i have entered into a competition which is a great step. I am hoping to use my songs in the future. I am planning to get into mission work and so i shall be taking my lovely guitar over and performing to young children and singing my testimony to them. I am so excited with the plans God has set out for me and this awesome blessing He has given me which is a voice.


I will run

Written By: Bonnie Gray

Today is goin to be a new day
I can feel it in my spirit
That you will make me new once again
I step in faith as I walk outside
Knowing that you are alive and
Keeping me in your hands

And I will run
and finish this
The best I can For you

I know you've given me a reason
Working hard in all I do
I give it up to you

Seeking your face you feed me with your love
That's all I need
Sent from you, above

And I will run
and finish this
The best I can For you


I have never released a single, or sung on the radio, nothing like this. I am quite new to this whole concept of music.

Set List

I have written madaline 6 minutes
I will run
Flying 2 min
Voices 3 min