Bonnie Nichols

Bonnie Nichols


Bonnie teams up with some of the best musicians in Nashville combining the vocal warmth of artists like Kathy Mattea and Anne Murray with lyrics that express the full gamit of human emotion and do it with incredible taste and style. The best family album you will find!


As a grammy-finalist writer on two children's albums, I wanted to try my hand at adult music. I had just finished a two month writing spree where I wrote all the music for a gospel-based play set in Nashville and somehow that just primed the pump to write more. It was then that I decided that I really had something significant to share with the world and I knew I needed to record this CD and send my messages of hope, and love out there and see what would happen.

My experience with loss helped me write "New Beginning" a song that honors my late husband and highlights the amazing power and experience with organ/tissue donation;

"Grace", which was written months after the 2004 Tsunami diaster and focuses on true stories that share glimpses of hope;

"Red White and Blue" a love song to our troops that was inspired by a young service woman in my church who was getting sent back to Iraq; and

"Turn the Quiet Up", that speaks to our need to slow down and reconnect with those we love.

When not performing, I work as a Public Relations Director for Central Peninsula Hospital in Soldotna, Alaska.

I'm very happliy married and have two children and four beautiful grandchildren.


Red, White and Blue

Written By: Bonnie Nichols

Red, White and Blue

I’ve got a yard sign
And a bumper sticker too
To tell the world
To keep supporting you

It’s hard when you’re
A half a world away
To make sense of this crazy war
But I’ve got this to say…

Honey, I’m Red, White and Blue
Over you
The kids and me, all agree
We’re so proud of you
And every night we just pray
You’ll get through
‘Cause honey we’re Red, White and Blue
Over you

At times it’s hard
To find the words to say
I miss you more with every passing day
And letters aren’t the same as your embrace
Oh, what I’d give to hold you now and see you face-to-face

‘Cause (Chorus)

You answered when your country called
To serve, protect, defend us all
Our freedom you stand bravely for…

So if we get impatient
Don’t be mad
It’s hard at times like this to not be sad
The love we share is strong enough to bend
As long as you’ll come back to me
We’ll see this to the end


In America, in America…Red, White and Blue…Over You …(repeat)
Honey we’re waiting here for you….
You know we’re all so proud of you
You’re in our hearts you’re in our prayers…In America

© 6/27/05 Bonnie Nichols

Superhuman Kind of Love

Written By: Bonnie Nichols

Superhuman Kind of Love

I’d walk across hot coals honey
Give up all of my money
To be with you…just to be with you
I’d wrestle an alligator
Go up against Darth Vader
To be with you…just to be with you
There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
I’ve got a superhuman kind of love for you
Oh, yes I do…

I’m walking on air
And people just stare
I haven’t a care as long as you are by my side
This power is real
I know what I feel
Nobody can steal the magic from this carpet ride


It’s hard to believe
What love can achieve
I’ll never deceive you, I’ll be there to take a stand
It’s hard to explain
My heart is aflame
When I hear your name, your every wish is my command


There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
Oh, to prove my love for you…
I would move a mountainside…
Part the sea, turn back the tide…
I’ve got a superhuman kind of love for you
I’ve got a superhuman kind of love for you
I’ve got a superhuman kind of love for you

© 7/19/05 Bonnie Nichols

Straight To My Heart

Written By: Bonnie Nichols/Debi Honer

Straight To My Heart

Anytime you’re near
Each word I hear
Goes straight to my heart
Each and every touch
You give says so much
And goes straight to my heart

Like a glass of sparkling wine
There’s an afterglow you leave behind
One kiss and honey
I’m blind to the world
One kiss too many
Like a school-aged girl

Every little smile
After a while
Goes straight to my heart
Every knowing glance
Just brings on romance
And goes straight to my heart

Like a glass of sparkling wine
There’s an afterglow you leave behind
Oh, I knew from the start
You’d go straight to my heart

© 2006 Bonnie Nichols/Debi Honer


A Child's Gift of Lullabyes - JABA Records
Snuggle Up - A Gift of Songs for Sweet Dreams - JABA Records
Hunk Ta Bunk Ta Bed - Kiddie Korral Records
"New Beginning" - Life Alaska
"She Don't Hear the Thunder" - APRN Song of the Year

Set List

I perform locally with four other talented women. We do covers as well as original music that we all write. Originals from my set list include: "Superhuman Kind of Love", "Grace", "New Beginning", and if a piano is available "Turn the Quiet Up". I also perform at conferences with just an acoutic guitar.