Bonnie Rash
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Bonnie Rash

Washington, Iowa, United States

Washington, Iowa, United States
Pop Hip Hop




"Bonnie Rash - Ridiculous ft. JBynoe"

Every now and then we come across an artist submission that blows us away and that's what happened when we saw Bonnie Rash in our inbox. -

"Le Mixtape - Bonnie Rash"

The new Bonnie Rash mixtape ranges all over the pop-rock/electro-house spectrum and features a slew of collaborations. - What's Protocol

"2012: Who Partied The Hardest"

Turn on any news show, and it becomes clear pretty quickly that DC knows how to rage. But who did their thing the hardest this year? Check out what some of our food and drinks experts had to say. - Thrillist

"Calling All Rash-Holes And Party People"

It’s funny because Bonnie Rash (the band, not the person) produces exactly the opposite type of music that would be acceptable in a library. Samy describes it as Beastie Boys meets LMFAO. Together with rapper Eddie Smotkin and beat man Teddy Bloom, the partypop trio cranks out high-energy music to drink to. - Northern Virginia Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



We’re from DC. we ARE DC

We’re also Teddy, Samy, and Eddie. It took us a while to decide what order to write those in. Seriously — we had to draw straws. After a heated dispute drawing straws, (hint: when “drawing straws” over something over importance, make the straws different in length by considerable amounts. You’ll save lots of time and headache) we fought for it. Naked.

After all that we decided our efforts were better used in the making of infectious party pop tunes for the world to enjoy. After a quick shower, Bonnie Rash was brought into the world, one wobbly step at a time.