Bonnie & the Clydes

Bonnie & the Clydes

 Longmont, Colorado, USA


Dust off your dancing shoes, real country music has returned.
Bonnie & the Clydes bring a brand of swingin' music that makes it nearly impossible to sit still.
In a world overrun by alt and pop country, they conjure up the sounds of the genre's legends.
Led by Bonnie Sims, Bonnie & the Clydes feature soulful vocals, dynamic fiddle and guitar solos, and a solid country swing groove.

Bonnie Sims sings the only way she knows how, full throttle and without regret.
The combination creates a wild freedom that few performers possess.
Bonnie has been on stage since childhood.
At twelve, Bonnie picked up the guitar and began performing with her father, Mike Cruciger, all over Texas.
She’s played venues such as Silver Dollar City (Branson, MO), Six Flags over Texas, and was included on the Texas Commission on The Arts Touring Artists Rooster for the 2005-2007 season.
Most recently Bonnie performed with KC Groves & the Blue Maddies at Rockygrass 2009, Fox Theatre, Boulder Theatre, Wildflower Pavillion and other local venues.
Bonnie’s powerful singing and fiery personality are the driving force behind Bonnie & the Clydes.
The authenticity of her voice lends itself to old time favorites, but her youthful take on them make the songs anything but dated.
She breathes new life into old tunes and is so genuine, you can't help but believe her.

The band Bonnie & the Clydes was a long time coming.
After a pickup gig with guitar player Aaron McCloskey (Steve Smith and Hard Road), that dream became a reality.
Mixing old honky-tonk with a little Texas swing and a splash of blues, Bonnie & the Clydes deliever an authentic country music experience.
Joined by Chuck Hugenberg (Oakhurst, Turkey Creek Ramblers) on the fiddle, Michael Shenkelberg on bass, and Damon Smith (Halden Wofford and the Hi-Beams) on drums, they create a sound that you won’t soon forget.