Bonny Billionaire

Bonny Billionaire

 Long Beach, California, USA
BandHip HopR&B


The female artist known as “Bonny Billionaire” is a cultivated 20 year old who plans on becoming an established international female rapper. Born Azja Namarri Hermida in Long Beach, California, “Bonny” discovered her gift for music at a young age. “Bonny” attended Long Beach Polytechnic where the hip hop culture was greatly influenced. Growing up the eldest of three kids with her mother on the streets and her father working to support the family, “Bonny” found herself playing the motherly figure to her two younger siblings. Being from the East side of Long Beach, there are many ways any person can get mixed up in to the troubles of street life especially at a young age.”Bonny” being a strong influence on her siblings, she opted out and decided to live her life through her music, showing her brother and sister there’s a better life outside of the streets and that if you have a talent to exercise it. Bonny discovered her talent the more and more she began to jot her feelings down in a journal. After the passing of her beloved uncle, she found comfort in her pen and paper, where she was able to turn her thoughts into powerful meaningful words. The older she has become Bonny has realized the affect that she could have in the music industry which has established her to become a determined artist. Bonny is a humble artist who believes in the importance of staying “Cool, calm, and collected,” knowing that whether or not she is given the opportunity to share her talent with the world, she will always use her verses to influence those willing to listen. Bonny brings something new and fresh to the music industry and dominates most of those in her league with her versatile writing skills, and powerful delivery. In January 2011 “Bonny” has dropped her first mixtape “Billionaire Boss Shit,” featuring the single “World Premiere” followed by “Queen of Kings” which will drop in December 2011. Be on the lookout for “Bonny’ and witness her showcase her talent to the world. Bonny said “Im about to take over the west, and all I need is time and practice,” and with time and practice she will do just that.


Billionaire Boss Shit hosted by Chuck Dizzle

Set List

Bonny Billionaire 2 mics 10 minute set