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Bon Savants


Fronted by a real rocket scientist named as Boston's Best Male Vocalist by the Boston Phoenix for the last 2 years, BON SAVANTS sophisticated noise pop is a marriage of melody and dissonance. Their anthemic and personal debut POST ROCK DEFENDS THE NATION is widely praised from Urb to the LA Times.


Reviews of Post Rock Defends the Nation, e to the i pi Music

"Bon Savants debut is exactly like the sound of their name: graceful, alluring, classy and smooth."
-Big Takeover Magazine, May 2007

“Music that plays to the soul.�
-Urb Magazine - 4.5 of 5

“Full of sly soothers and bratty rockers about love, loss, and yes, the science of things.�
-Venus Zine - 8 of 10

“Undoubtedly one of the top albums of the year� - A+

“With a metallic comfort like that of a pet robot, the Bon Savants’ debut album is primitively magnetic, questionably inhuman, and obviously progressive.�
-QRO Magazine - 8.3 of 10

“Bon Savants are gritty yet sophisticated, an artful balance of urbane pop melody and shrieking dissonance that is engaging, complex, entertaining and thought-provoking all at once.�
-Amplifier Magazine

Bon Savants started in 2004 as a collaboration between singer and principal songwriter Thom Moran and his long time friend and musical conspirator Kevin Haley. David Wessel (bass) and Andrew Dole (drums) bought into this. They wrote songs and performed them. In 2006, when the touring and other full-time commitments were imminent with the release of their debut album, Kevin made a graceful exit from the band to maintain such luxuries as a steady relationship and rent money. Everyone understood. Never satisfied with status quo, the band added two musicians to replace him. Brian Hamilton (keys) played his first Bon Savants show to a crowd of 3,000 at McCarren pool in July, 2006, and soon after that Craig Hendrix (guitar) moved to Boston from Barcelona to join the team. Everything clicked.

Bon Savants independently released their debut album Post Rock Defends the Nation in the US, UK, and Japan on November 7, 2006. As the politically astute will recall, this was the very same election day that American politics underwent a long awaited progressive shift in Congress. Coincidence? Sure, but a good one. Critical Affection for Post Rock poured in from such diverse sources as URB Magazine,, LA Times, Magnet, Billboard, Big Takeover, Amplifier, Venus Zine, and Rolling Stone Russia. The band was picked up by Tag Team Media for publicity (Walkmen, Tegan & Sara) and Big Shot Touring (Decemberists, Walkmen, The National). Two subsequent national tours were a mix of headline gigs, support for the likes of The Wrens, Menomena, and the Editors, and festival showcases at SXSW, CMJ, and headlining Northeastern outdoor festivals. Thom was named as Boston’s Best Male Vocalist by the Boston Phoenix in 2006 and 2007.

Though Post Rock… is still fresh to the music public, the newest incarnation of Bon Savants has been writing prolifically and road testing new material for a follow-up studio recording in winter 2007. Thom’s solo performances with ukulele have gained reknown in Boston, highlighted by a recent performance at the Boston Symphony in support of the Boston Pops Edge Fest. Bon Savants support the Pendulum Project (, a non-profit humanitarian effort to assist child victims of the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

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I am the atom bomb

Written By: T. Moran, e to the i pi music

I am the atom bomb
I bring both death and destruction
From the Schroedinger function

Interests include
the moving of mountains
beachside walks here with you

I am an immigrants son
a new generation of blind dedication

I kindof think you're the one
We share this attraction to works of the stars and the sun

I am the sweet morning song
I am the, atom bomb

I am the end of the world
A twelve minute warning
to a nuclear morning

Killer seeks the same
for mutual pleasure
we'll meet in the desert, someday

I am the atom bomb
I bring both death and destruction
from the Schroedinger function

Interests include
the moving of mountains
beachside walks here with you
here with you

I am the sweet morning song
I am the, atom bomb

(I didn't have to be, such a catastrophe...)

Why This Could Never Work Between Us

Written By: Thomas C.M.

I look at outer space / and I see your face / all across the moon, cross the stars
You look so out of place / cause your eyes outshine even the brightest stars, brightest stars
Your smile it gives good chase / to the sun / when it comes up / the other side of the night
But when the daylight it comes / well I look to my right / and I see you there / by my side

Ooh, Aah

I won’t forget that space / where my heart first raced / on a rhythm that I’d never known
I felt so out of place / ‘cause when daylight breaks / my body’s shaking from it’s head to toe
In this united state / feel my heart hesitate / when I pull you close by my side
But let no man make undone / what the good Lord’s brung / to his children on a summer night

Ooh, Aah


"Post-Rock Defends the Nation"
e to the i pi music (self-release) 2006
produced by T. Moran, mixed and co-produced by Bill Racine (Rogue Wave, The Comas)

Lunch Records 4x4 Sampler
Lunch Records 2004
produced by T. Moran

Set List

Set Length: 35 - 60 minutes

What We Need
Why This Could Never Work Between Us
Tip of Our Tongues
Go to the Sun
One Point Shy
People Eat the Filters
When the Dreams Kick In
Between the Moon and the Ocean
Cinnamon Girl (cover)
No Love Lost (cover)
Mass Av & Broadway
I Am the Atom Bomb
Final Grade
Post Rock Defends the Nation