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Massapequa, New York, United States

Massapequa, New York, United States
Band Rock Pop


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"Live Review, 1/27/10"

The last band to go on was Bonus Eventus, a band from the Dinosaurs in Vietnam collective, members of which, Jenn and Liz Pelly (of helped organize the show. (And also took the helm to DJ between sets. Talk about multi-tasking!)

Channeling the party vibe that is their very being, Bonus Eventus took the stage with three people wanting to sing and one microphone. All leaning in, in an almost mo-town sort of way, they screamed the lyrics to their songs and hoped to hell the mic caught it. It was actually rather endearing, as they were dealing with more than their share of technical difficulties. - Jezebel Music

"¡Cañaceros! Review"

¡Cañaceros! is a brilliant DIY pop punk record from Bonus Eventus, due out at the end of November on Dinosaurs in Vietnam. Packed with joy de vivre - it’s the kind of album that makes you happy to be alive. It’s also the kind of album that makes you want to pour some absyinthe on your cornflakes and start the party early, so booze soaked are the lyrics. They fit the tunes perfectly though, telling one long story of drunkeness, partying and fun times. That might give the impression that the words are pretty dumb - they’re not at all. There’s some wry wit chucked in, and the band have one eye on the consequences of their excesses. Thankfully, they’re too young to worry about that now and don’t ruin things with melancholy twists and hangovers.

Like a lot of bands making their own records this year, the sound is rough and ready. But unlike a lot of bands making their own records this year, Bonus Eventus themselves are not. They’ve really got it together musically. They really remind me of the Minutemen - the singer has an awesome D Boon style tone to his voice, and the drums kick out some excellent George Hurleyesque 1000mph beats and fills. Rather than frenetic Minutemen jams, the tunes themselves are more like the criminally under rated Oranges Band - with some chiming guitars and hooky harmonies.

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"¡Cañaceros! Review"

Dave Barritt has been "jamming econo" for the better half of his young adult life. But the 20-year old guitarist — who fronts Bonus Eventus, a lo-fi pop punk band from Massapequa, NY — is unfamiliar with the term. In fact, he's unfamiliar with a lot of things that might otherwise suggest some prefabrication in his carefully crafted, booze-soaked tunes.

On Canaceros! — the band’s 35-minute debut, dropping this week on Dinosaurs in Vietnam Records — Bonus Eventus fuses rough, unpolished boy-group harmonies with raw punk verse. Their catchy tales of house parties gone awesome (and those gone awry) surface in surfy, untracked territory where Bob Mould and Brian Wilson collide, with fun-sized servings of Tom DeLonge sprinkled throughout. On a more contemporary level, they’ve got the lo-fi grit and energy of the Vivian Girls and Titus, plus all the pop and charm of 2009’s best. (Read: Real Estate and Girls).

Canaceros is an album blatantly dedicated to youth, in all its energized horrors and doo-wop joys: partying, death, heartbreak, invincibility, drunkenness, growing up, the suburbs, and some more good-natured partying because of it all. More than 75% of the album’s tracks discuss alcohol, certainly including the album’s infectious lead single, “Rough Housing,” with its much-repeated, memorable mantra: “No wasted times, just wasted times.” They could have stopped there. Thank god they didn’t.

Bonus Eventus have their vices pinned down, and they acknowledge their implications. Things get ugly and lonesome on the deep, dark howls of album closer “End of the Line,” and particularly boozy on the group-chorus of “We Will Collide”: “I know there’s more to life, than what goes on inside my head, I’ve got a lot to figure out, but I’d rather drink alone instead.”

Three-quarters of the way through, “Idle Idle Hands” shows the boys as the good-natured kids they really are, with their harmonies sounding as pure with 50s innocence as ever. “We all confessed, ‘cause we wanted to impress our girlfriends, and they just want the facts,” the guys sing in unison. “We all confess, but we wanted to stress the importance, of knowing how to act, when you’ve been so bad.”

Barritt knows his habits will have to change at some point. “Got all these problems, and drinking don’t solve them, think I have finally realized,” he sings on “But These Arms.” But until then, excuses must be made, answers must be found in empty bottles, and for better or for worse — in company and in solitude — the party must go on.

In many ways, Cancaceros is to 2009 what Vivian Girls was to 2008 — a concise, lo-fi punk record that’s accessible but edgy, with all the right influence in all the right places. It’s got the drawn out, emotional slow jams (“End of the Line”), the straightforward Wipers-tinged raucousness (“She Says” and B-side “Country Won”), the undeniable gem of an opener (“Rough Housing”) and the unyielding surfy, Beach Boys vibe. But while Vivian Girls was the perfect complement to a morning commute, I’d save these party jams for the P.M. - Pelly Twins

"Live Review, 1/13/10"

Headlining this small-world affair was Long Island’s Bonus Eventus, whose set reminded me of a less introspective Titus Andronicus, or as Blackburn Recordings’ Jon W. put it, “Titus Andronicus if they listened to A New Found Glory.” (But who is to say T.A. never listened to such MTV pop punk champs?) Melodic punk with a resounding “my friends over you” theme for sure, Bonus’ songs are “about beer” and “getting fucked up.” Meanwhile “Heard She Was A Saint” is about a “slut.” (There’s some bait and switch for you). The crowd needed no invitation to dance while the guys traded vocals on one mic and with alluring ska riffs led a great time for all; the show did seem, after all, like one big reunion for long-lost Long Island friends, who came out with their floral-print doc martens and sweaty rugby shirts in full-force to scream, “Holy shit man! It’s been forever!” over and over to each other. I was really confused when, with a few minutes before Silent Barn curfew at the end of Bonus Eventus’ set, some kids stormed the instruments and started playing their own songs that rested on repeating bass hooks. It made for great exit music as I bundled up and edged towards the door. - CMJ

"¡Cañaceros! Review"

"...[the band] uses lo-fi sounds and pop tunes to sink their hooks into your ears and not let go.... ¡Cañaceros! is twelve songs of pop rock perfection.... it's one of my favorite debuts of the year." - PopTarts Suck Toasted


"Rough Housing (single)" - 2009
"¡Cañaceros! (LP)" - 2009
Several tracks of the debut album have received college radio play in NYC, Boston, and beyond.



“No wasted time, just wasted times”

So screams the chorus to the lead single and opening track, “Rough Housing,” by Long Island-based rock n’ roll band, BONUS EVENTUS, on their debut record, ¡Cañaceros!, fittingly setting the tone for what the rest of the album holds - 12 songs of unhinged punk rock celebrating youthful debauchery in all of its wild, decadent glory. While some may scoff at such blatant and unapologetic revelry, it’s hard to hold it against the band for too long. After all, the four young rockers are hardly out of their teens, each fully immersed in the standard college culture of hitting the bottles first and the books second.
Tales of juvenile extravagance at parties gone awesome and those gone awry are set against a musical backdrop that blends rough, unpolished boy-group harmonies reminiscent of the Beach Boys with the power and raw energy of garage-rock revivalists, the Strokes, creating an entirely unique sound the band personally likes to call ‘Party Rock.’ These booze-soaked tunes, dealing with all of the energized horrors and doo-wop joys of growing up in the suburbs, somehow manage to be both incredibly edgy and yet, maddeningly accessible and catchy at the same time. The result is a debut album that will have the listener tapping his feet to the sing-along melodies while simultaneously running to the nearest distributor to get the party started early.
With this uncanny ability to disguise acute pop sensibility under old-fashioned rock n’ roll, the four best friends have earned praise from such sources as CMJ, Long Island Press, Jezebel Music, PopTarts, and Art, which recently named ¡Cañaceros! the 4th best album of 2009.