Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZAF

The award-winning South African monkipunk band are taking on the world with their punk flavored rainbow melodies and addictive rhythm.



Boo! began in 1997 in the backstreets of dirty Brixton, Johannesburg, when its first members, Ampie Omo, Chris Chameleon and Leon Retief conspired to make musicthatwould go against most of the conventional wisdom of the time. Boo! became not only one of South Africa's favorite bands of all time, but also one of the country's proudest musical exports to both Europe and North America.

In 7 years Boo! acquired an enormous cult following worldwide by performing 800 gigs in 17 countries, including 14 states in the USA as well as countries such as Hungary and Croatia. Bradishing their self-styled genre of "monkipunk", Boo! performed at various European and American festivals with the likes of the White Stripes, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Franz Ferdinand, Smashing Pumpkins, and Coldplay amongst others. The band also received a South African Music Award (SAMA) in 2002 for 'Best Pop Album'.

The band's sound consisted of bass, drums, brass, keyboards and percussion; notably lacking guitar. In spite of this unusual orchestration, Boo! hit the number one position on the 5FM top 40 with "Stagefright" and a number two position with "OOAA" - testimony to frontman, bassist and occasional drag queen, Chris Chameleon's exceptional songwriting abilities.

In September 2004, Ampie Omo and Leon Retief announced their resignation from Boo! and performed their final show with the band on 14 September 2004. Leon Retief continued his career behind the scenes in the South African Music Industry while Ampie Omo continued his career as a member of ska-outfit Fuzigish and was the invited guest trombonist of the Violent Femmes when they played in South Africa in 2005 and 2007. Chris Chameleon surprised his punk pundits and cohorts by becoming one of the best-selling and critically acclaimed artists in the Afrikaans music landscape, notching up at total of 20 national awards in 6 years including two South African Music Awards (SAMA) and a Medal of Honor from the South African Academy of Arts and Sciences.

2010 saw Boo! emerge again with a change in wardrobe and drummers with Riaan van Rensburg picking up the sticks on drums. The band set up camp inAmsterdam,TheNetherlands early in the year to record the new album "THE THREE OF US". On their return, a limited edition run of albums was released for sale at gigs only. The album has since been completely remixed by Neal Snyman with audio approval of award-winning producer Theo Crous (Parlotones, Prime Circle, etc) and remastered by Jonathan Crossley.

Boo! won Suckfree Radio's "Greatest Unsigned Band in the World" competition in September 2010 just before signing to Seed, a division of Sheer Sound. The remixed and remastered "THE THREE OF US" album was released by Seed in South Africa in early October 2010 followed by a spectacular launch at Montecasino on October 15 2010. The album spawned a hit singles "The Three of Us", "Make me an Offer", "The Lonely Hearts Club", and "To Do Today", which climbed the charts across South African radio.

March 2011 delivered Boo!tiful news as Chris Chameleon reached the Semi-Finals of the 2010 International Songwriting Competition (ISC) for his songwriting excellence with the single "The Lonely Hearts Club". Boo!’s “The Three Of Us” album was entered into the AAA (Adult Album Alternative) category and “The Lonely Hearts Club” was a judges favourite. This is the second time Chris has reached the semi-finals in the ISC, the first time being back in 2006 when Chris was a Semi-Finalist for his song "Anywhere".

Boo! also received a SAMA nomination for “Best Alternative Music Album: English” in 2011!

2012 saw a great start to the year as Boo! on a European tour from the 29th of February till the 4th of March. Watch this space for more Boo! news to come!


The Three of Us

Written By: Chris Chameleon

got stuck and lost the guts to stay
got stuck i’ve got to set it straight
you saw yourself we wanted more
of all the stuff we held and saw
your blistering twists and your entwine
your flailing fists in hands of mine
is this a war and are wars won
and what will we do when it’s done
and so, where do we go from here
will one of us stay back and clear
this battered wake this awful mess
that’s left when lovers get revenge
was there a way to do this well?
i guess its just too late to tell
but what i know is that with fire
the coolest wind will fan it higher
you’re so fair and you’re so far
and i am never as you are
and now you’re gone and you are free
and i am still trapped here in i, myself and me

The Lonely Hearts Club

Written By: Chris Chameleon

why do i feel so cruel?
why do i feel like i
am hurting you?
looking out for myself
doing the things that
the living yes the living do
i know i haven’t been
brave about this
you know this kind of thing
scares a man more
than war that’s why
so many find themselves lingering
in a half world
strung between the uneasy peace
of living in dreams
and the offer
of seeking what’s real
even if it seals their destiny
as lonely people
in love with being in love
lonely people
who never, never get enough
the lonely hearts club
none of it’s members want to be members of
must admit i’m afraid
wish i could just
get it over with
and to pass through the fire
with dignity is hard
when you’re your harshest critic
and we suffer
the consequences of who we are
and what we’ve become
there, and hereafter
we are who we are and we are
one and we are alone


Written By: Chris Chameleon

of the days i seem to fill with longing
most of them i want to put a song in
of the ways i seem to walk me blind in
all of them i want the good lord’s light in
and in these things that i maintain a disdain
i want to not be constrained by the hate chain
as i in my lover all of her good see
my lover endeavours to find what is good in me
and soon i’ll be just a memory
the thought of that really makes me
feel insubstantial like i am no more
than a whim of thought at my very core
though i suspect, with respect to this outcome
i could elect for a different outcome
but i know this would just redraw the circle
we’ve spun in and spun out in spirals since day one
lover will you not forget me
i know it’s hard and we’re apart
and all the waters that separate us
wash away all the bad days
so you’re left with the best
it’s best you left
but oh, these thoughts don’t make it easier

Better Than You

Written By: Chris Chameleon

i did these rights and wrongs
and i did them on my own
and it’s clear to me
that i have none to blame but me
and the outcome
is one i am to bear alone
to be borne by me
testing my ability
to respond, to what comes
my response ability
i did these rights and wrongs
and i did them on my own
and it’s clear to me
that i have none to praise but me
‘cos if the outcome
of the wrong is all my own
i would happily take credit
for the right for me
‘cos it comes, and it comes
for all as it does for one
while i would not mind
to be counted as a kind
with the likes of the greats
and the stars and saints
it’s the fear to appear
with the wicked in the sphere
of our goal and our all
and of our collective soul
and i want, to be somehow
not a part of that
can nobody be better than you baby
how can we be wrong?
how can we be one
when you’re the only one?

Prayer for My Cedar of Lebanon

Written By: Chris Chameleon

oh god, help me
i think
i don’t love 
and i know she is everything i have asked of you
i would lie if i
denied that i’m afraid that your grace
won’t rain on me as it
does if i don’t try
harder with her.
she has a kind heart
and her judgement is
clear and unobstructed
she’s unbearably fair
at all times and her mind
oh her mind is a thing of
clear beauty, clear and rare beauty
and i wouldn’t dream
to put a price on a sense of humour
and the way she puts me in place
when i go astray from myself
i have never had a friend like you
i feel like i’m betraying
every moment we ever spent togther
no one has ever had
and even now nobody has
my trust as i have my trust in you
she needs to be loved
please, please go and be loved
oh god, help me
you know that i love you
and you need to be loved
but not as i love you


"The Three of Us" CD (2010)
Released by Seed, a division of Sheer Sound (South Africa)
Single: "The Three of Us"

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