Boo Boo Davis Blues Band

Boo Boo Davis Blues Band


Boo Boo Davis is the REAL DEAL. He is coming from the same area, period and tradition as most of the blues greats but there is one huge difference…… Boo Boo is still alive and kicking, writing and singing his music….. raw first-hand experience blues directly from the Delta.


Boo Boo's recording debut took place in September 1999 and was released on Black and Tan in January 2000, the same year he began touring Europe with great success.The CD (East St Louis) received excellent reviews in the international blues magazines and is played on blues radio stations all over the world. In the USA Boo Boo performed among others at the KING BISCUIT BLUES FESTIVAL (Helena, AR) and the POCONOS BLUES FESTIVAL. Boo Boo is touring Europe twice a year and has performed for numerous prestigious jazz & blues festivals all over Europe. Just a few: NANCY JAZZ PULSATIONS (F), Bluesfestival in Eslov (Sweden). Colne GB Blues Festival (UK) and the NORTH SEA JAZZFESTIVAL (NL). In April 2002 he released his second CD (Can Man) and in February 2004 the third CD (The Snake). Both of them have been critically acclaimed. 2006 brought about the "Drew Mississippi" CD and was listed in the 10 best blues records of 2006 by MOJO Magazine. In 2008 "Name of the Game" CD was released again receiving great reviews worldwide.


CD's currently released: East St. Louis (Jan. 2000),
Can Man (April 2002), The Snake (Feb. 2004),
Drew, Mississippi (July 2006) Name of the Game (2008)

Set List

Original material only
Typical set: (3) 60 min./ Clubs
60-90 min. Festivals
Typical repertoire:
Ice Storm
East St. Louis
Big House All By Myself
Ah Ah Baby
Can Man
The Snake
Mountain Top
Who Stole The Booty
Dirty Dog
Boo's Boogie Woogie
Sad Thing
What Makes a Fool (Fall in Love)
Lonely All By Myself
I Had a Dream
Name of the Game
We're in Hell
Why You Wanna Do it
and others on any one of the five currently released CD's.