Boo City

Boo City

 Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Boo City is rooted in Soul, Rock and Rhythm & Blues. A blend of Country, Folk and Reggae are added into this mix for a familiar feel. Dancing, sweat and smiles are abundant on their live sets! While 'fresh', 'awesome', 'sexy', and 'magnetic' are all words used to describe this fun, diverse band.


Boo City was formed in 2009 by long time friends vocalist, Tai Awolaju and guitarist Andrew Moon Bain. Both accomplished singer/songwriters in their own right, Awolaju and Bain previously played in different projects nationally and around Providence, RI . Bain has also been an active and prolific record producer for the last decade. After a simultaneous performance hiatus they came together to form this original band.

Boo City is a creative mix of music styles that merge seamlessly. You might hear Country-Blues and Indie Rock forged in the same song. In another track you will feel Reggae influences with Retro-Soul and Folk elements. An intoxicating vocal blend is cast with Tai Awolaju's smokey, sultry voice and Andrew Moon Bain's deep tone sharing the lead vocal and harmony positions. The horns of Frank Moniz and Grayson Farmer enhance this dynamic, creating a soulful and melodic sound. The constant groove is set by Harry Milloff's creative and funky bass lines. Boo Citys music is energetic, whimsical, fun, melodic and edgy all at once. This talented group of musicians are on track to embody a fresh sound in Providence RI and American music.


"With influences as vast and complex as Sam Cooke to The Clash, Willie Nelson to Missy Elliot and Dolly Parton to PJ Harvey, their American blend is truly a melting pot of goodness with a constant smooth groove that is all their own."

-Doreen Manning, Worcester Mag, Feb 2011


2014 - "Nashville Single" To be released June 2014 

2012 - "Anchortown" EP

2011 - "Midnight Folklore" The Boo City mixtape/podcast

Set List

Don't Deny Me
Bring it Home
No Good
First Time
Sugar Skull Lover
What's Your Deal
Over the Border
Daddy Sang Bass
Winona's an Indian Name
You Ain't Ready
I Am Weary
Take it Easy On Me
Just Fine
Mercedes Benz
Long Gone