Boogee Blaze

Boogee Blaze

 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
SoloHip HopIndie


Don’t get it twisted for a minute Fort Lauderdale's latest rapper Boogee Blaze is just that, hot. With ten plus years experience of blazing stages, lighting up tracks and laying it down for the home team Ft. Lauderdale. Known for his amazing voice and unique style he is making it clear the new sound he brings to the Hip Hop genre is his key to making waves in this industry.

With the completion of his debut album scheduled to be released this summer Boogee is ready to give his fans what they’ve been waiting for. Staying focused on his main goal which is more exposure he stays busy on the open mic circuit and doing opening acts for local promoters and Dj’s.

Rapping since the age of 20, Boogee formed a group called the FTL, a name he has tattooed on his shoulder. After the separation on his group he went on to pursue a solo career. Staying busy perfecting his craft working late nights in the studio Boogee began developing his own style and new feel. His lucked changed when he met Keith “Poppa” Frye, owner of Tiptop Marketing after performing on stage. At that moment Poppa Frye knew he was looking at the future.