Tours, Centre, FRA

Searching for the perfect pop song... Boogers is a one man band influenced by The Streets, Gorillaz, Weezer and The Ramones... An incredible sense of melody and the energy of a punk band in one guy...


Under his look of bearded tramp as a folk singer, Boogers is not like a mix of Herman Dune and Sébastien Tellier, our famous french bearded artists. About that, he’s closer to Grandaddy’s music, and more, Boogers works the paradoxes.

While he was dreaming of the perfect pop song, his beard was growing and he was turning into a stoner renegade, as an Eagles of Death Metal’s children. The next day, he shave off and it’s both Otis (Redding and Shuggie) who try to possess his songs. Rather than exorcizing those démons, Boogers decided to invite them all on his new album.

Ramones, Weezer, Gorillaz, The Clash, The Streets…

Those kindly phantoms who guided him towards the search of the melody which stuck in the shoes added to the dancing beats. And it works ! If he’s alone on stage, we can’t ask him why because he’ll definitely answer that this one is too small to welcome all the musicians of his dreams. With his mic, guitar, synthesizer and turntable. Boogers fill all the stage… The other question we won’t ask him, a beard or not ? Cause we don’t care about, and more, we love to be surprising.


Boogers - As clean as possible (At(h)ome / 2010)
Boogers - In the steps (2007)

Lost my lungs on radio for now!!!

Set List

1. Anywhere
2.I Trust You
3.Lost My Lungs
4.Put Your Head
5.Talk To Charlie
7.Perfect Week
8.I Wanna Do It Now
9. I'm Sorry
10.Get up, stand up (Marley Cover)
11. The Devil
Generally 50 minutes set