Gardiner, Maine, USA

Boogie 2 Shooz is comprised of musical entertainers, Patti-Jean Cousens, and Pam Jenkins. This “high-energy jazz duo can rock the house or sweep you away with a sweet love ballad.” “The air will be charged with warmth and laughter and you WILL be MOVED!


Boogie 2 Shooz is composed of two singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalists, Patti-Jean Cousens and Pamela Jenkins.

Pam and Patti-Jean first performed together in 1987 at a Fort Lauderdale, Fla. fund raiser for AIDS research. This work led to the formation of Boogie2Shooz and a commitment to focus on quality music delivered with lots of energy and loads of fun.

Two unique vocal styles combine to bring torch ballads, soulful and fiery renditions of the blues, funk-flavored R&B, lush jazz, and spirited Latin to every performance. In addition, this duo combines traditional instruments, (saxophone, flute, percussion and keyboards) with an electronic compliment, to present a visually, and musically exciting performance, supported by a full and colorful sound.

Boogie 2 Shooz international touring experiences; from festivals and concerts to hometown lounges, has given them both the experience and perception that creates structure and spontaneity in each performance. An extensive repertoire allows this duo to reach a wide spectrum of musical tastes, and touch all ages. The audience can “kick back” and enjoy the show or “kick out” and boogie!

Attend a show soon to experience this warm and irresistible performance.


"Soft Shooz" 2006

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Set List

A "typical" concert show might run 90 minutes without a break, or be composed of two 45 minute sets with a short break. Showy/dance venues are generally (3) 45 minute sets with 20 minute breaks.
A typical set is composed of a mix of genres drawn primarily from R&B, jazz standards, Latin, Blues, originals, and light rock.