BandHip HopWorld

It's a beautiful mix of west coast type, expermental type beats to some straight lyrical lyrics, we can't pretend to be something were not, were struggling in this game to make it just like everyone else is, you can feel our music, wiether it's coming from the beats or from the lyrics


The collaboration of MisterMike's bangin' beats with Boogie, a lyricist known for speaking the truth, the birth of Craz Production began. Hiphop has been running thru B.O.O.G.'s veins since the creation of Miller Street, starting as just a hobby and morphing into a passion. Enlisted as a StreetKing Comrade, a Groveland Soldier and an Ill Scholar(ILSOE), CrazProductions has now given this man's book of rhymes the opportunity to touch your soul.


The Subliminal Message - Full length Album

Set List

Intro - :40
Huslta - 3:37
Lo Jack - 4:57
Jealousy Re-Mix - 4:39
We Doin This - 4:39