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"Kidd Linus Boogiebeat Records Interview"

(April 2009)
"As an accomplished producer Kidd Linus of Boogiebeat Records, is making major moves in the music industry. In the past few months Kidd Linus has launched some new developments to reconnect with his old listeners, and find new ones."

Full interview @ - The D.A.M.

"Top10 Artists"

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Electro Artist Nov.2007

-Aural Fixation: Top10 Electro Artist Aug.2007
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Top10 Electro Artist Sep.2007

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Top10 Electro Artist Oct.2007

-Aural Fixation:
Top10 Electro Artist Nov.2007


DJ Times Feb.2007
-Boogiebeat announces new lable and artists.

Dj Times Mar.2007
-Aural Fixation announces release. - DJ Times

"Aural Fixation Interview"

(Jan 13. 2010)
On Monday afternoon, at a cafe in Berkeley, I had the great pleasure of connecting with Robin Leigh (aka Ms. Dirtybird) and Brian J (aka Kidd Linus), a Bay Area tandem that produces and performs bass-bumpin' booty-shakin' music as Aural Fixation.

We spoke for only thirty minutes about their vision for Aural Fixation, their process, their history and about their motivation to co-create their art...and I'm now I'm hooked on Aural Fixation.

In my judgment, music, as art, teems with unsigned and under-noticed talent. As business, music overflows with untalented, signed artists. Aural Fixation intends to be neither. They work hard at their craft, let passion outweigh image, don't make music in order to be rich and stay grounded in what is both true and real for each of them.

Brian J and Robin Leigh first collaborated as artists while working together at Berkeley's Reel Video. What began as a creative project to take one step further a joke between friends produced a sound that was "bubble gummy, really poppy...but also really dirty, really grimy...and easy to digest." From this sound, Aural Fixation was born.

Originally a three-member group, Aural Fixation whittled down to Brian J and Robin Leigh. Partners in love, life and art, the two were able to streamline their vision for Aural Fixation and have moved forward as a duo, performing at least twice in the past six months. Brian J's long-running Playground Sessions party, which has blessed the East Bay, Davis and now San Francisco communities with cutting-edge, booty-shakin' beats for the past two years, serves as venue for Aural Fixation's energized, party-rockin' performances.

In fact, they have one coming up soon: Aural Fixation performs live at Anu, in San Francisco (Sixth Street between Market and Mission) on January 22, around midnight.

Robin Leigh shared her motivation to make music with a "grimy" sound:

It comes on and all I can say know...Your eyebrows come down, you get that little scowl on your face and your face gets squinty and all of a sudden you're, like, pumping in the sky and you're like, "This is my sh*t right here! I'm gonna write some dirty lyrics for this sh*t right here!"


Our conversation inspired me to share them with you and got me thinking about how: People of the Week? Chat Window? Then it hit me: Everyday Advice

Brian J said something really potent about motivation and the execution of our personal vision:

We all get jobs. We know what our requirements are. The majority of the time, we do 70% of the requirements. If you have a personal goal, you need to make sure that you fulfill 100% of those requirements. Otherwise, you're gonna be left short. You can't ask anybody, "How'd I fall short?" This is how you fell short.

An essential truth of success? A window into the logic of passion? Of achievement? A reflection of my story? Your story? Maybe something you can connect with too?

Feels like sound advice to me.

Aural Fixation is performing in San Francisco on January 22 at Anu, on 6th Street between Market and Mission. Their sound will definitely make you want to dance and get sweaty. Take my word for it and party with them at Anu. - S.F. Examiner


"Who Are You" - Syd Gris + Boomrock Saints -Ft.
Kidd Linus Remix
(Summer 2010)

"Momentum" - Kidd Linus Original
Exclusively @

"Disco Rap City" - Kidd Linus Original

"House Party EP." - Aural Fixation
Available Now On
Featuring Remixes, By Kidd Linus.



Scratchin', Breakin', Rappin'. Kidd Linus will stop at nothin' to get the crowd jumpin'. Emerging from the east coast as one of Baltimore's best kept secrets, this 12 year veteran has played along side some of the industries finest such as, DJ Dan, Bad Boy Bill, Andy C. & Rabbit In The Moon just to name a few. In 2000 Kidd Linus teamed up with Bassbin Twins and toured the states as lead MC, B-boy, & DJ for the live show. Kidd Linus continued to tour under the Bassbin moniker until the end of 2003.

Today with singles "House Party" and "Momentum" in circulation Kidd Linus continues to expand his fan base with the development of When It's Time To Groove Radio.

W.I.T.T.G.R. showcases the future and foundation of the E.D.M. culture with DJ mixes, exclusive interviews, original releases, and more. When It's Time To Groove Radio downloads weekly featuring some the industries most sought after artists such as, Darren Emerson & Jamie Mchugh, Run Riot, Macca, Jay Cunning, and more.

*Downloads available @