Boogie Matrix Mechanism

Boogie Matrix Mechanism

 Toledo, Ohio, USA

We are an eclectic mix of funk, jam band psychedelia, reggae, rock and blues. We bring more than just the music with our show, colorful personalities with crowd interaction. We promote a kind vibe, positive, friendly environment and conscious effort by all to have a great time!


As a road hardened band of nearly 6 years, we consciously strive to explore interesting territory at every opportunity. Be it through new musical genres, omni-directional improvisation, or revisiting our roots, our goal is always positive, dance-able live shows.

Performing on countless stages throughout the Midwest (Chicago to Erie, PA; Louisville to Ann Arbor) has helped us develop a professional stage presence and large repertoire. The summer festival circuit always allows us a chance to regroup and revisit our favorite arena, the outdoors.

We are actively seeking new venues, and we always love to meet new fans. If you like us, come to a show and meet us, its the best way to really understand what we do!


2006: Glass Candy (Full Length)
2008: Animated Reality (Full Length)
2009: Lasergrape (Full Length)