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"If you don't know my name I'm not working hard enough." That's my personal motto. I'm an emerging artist from NYC whose performed at festivals such as CMJ, SXSW, Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival and venues such at SOB's, Blender Theatre & Highline Ballroom just to name a few.


What can I say about myself? Professionally I've been featured on almost every major music blog and website including sites such as URB, Nahright, ALLHIPHOP, Okayplayer and countless others. I've also appeared in many major Magazines such as XXL (Show & Prove June 09), The Source (March and August 09), Hip Hop Connection (London) and Juice (Germany) to name a few. My music has been played on radio stations such as Power 105, Hot 97, BBC Radio, Sirius and XMRadio aswell as many college and internet based stations. I've also appeared on many different Television networks. Some of them are MTV (MTVU Freshman, MTV2 The Drop, MTV Jams, etc.), Music Choice on Demand, Fuse TV and BET (The Deal Certified Fresh Sept. 09). I've traveled all over the country to perform my music. LA, DC, New Hampshire, Maine, TX, Philadelphia, Vermont, etc. I work very hard to get my music out to the world and put 110% into everything I do.


I am Moving

Written By: Donny Goines

Verse 1

Close ya eyes and just imagine
-Ya Soul could fly and touch the planets
I shoot for stars Im stuck on Satarn
-In another world cause my love for rappen

Launchs my mind in the atmosphere
Galaxies I explore in the stratisphere
--I absorb when the path is clear
Luminated by the moon when the track appears

--I go tanning on the sun
-And all my worries just vanish when Im done
--Blast Off in spaceships
--Helmet on and I can taste it

On the tip of tounge the hopes and dreams
Im takin flight with Broken wings
-Now leave your eyes Open please
-I am moving come float with me

Verse 2

Sky's the limit I shoot for stars
--Cuz I really love the view from mars
-Light years in the booth from ya'll
Just listen real close to these group of bars

--My thoughts strech out to Venus
-Minds a Black Hole, You doubt my Genius
--But that's only cuz the ground's beneath this
---Understand those clouds my Zenith

--And my Solar System
--Can Illuminate your Soul wit Wisdom
---You just gotta believe
But people like you never bother ta leave

--So I'll fly to tha moon
Just to show you the way, this pilot'll cruise
--Just relax I'm supplying the fuel
--I hope you decided to move

Verse 3

Here's a Telescope Search for Me
--My Soul's on Mecury
-Brain in orbit, earth's beneath
-A Supernova was the birth of me

---And my thoughts in Pluto
The constellations, map out a new flow
--And the gravity's too low
For many out there so there concious moves slow

'But I travel at the speed of light
--They say great minds think alike
-So I hope when I speak thru mics
--It'll help the grouded reach these heights

--Cause the view's amazing
Release your mental, Yall mind is caged in
-Just use your imagination
I AM moving, why are waitin

Whatever It Is

Written By: Donny Goines

Verse 1

I'm on the bubble like Keloids, Its D. Goines
Digitized the flow, you can call me a E boy
--Im James Brown wit it, how vivid, style's kicken, now vision
What I be seeing when I write down listen

--God damn, You got fans, I'm Hot man
They should make my version of Rock Band, Hip Hop's ehhhh

------But I'm clever with thissss, who better then this, if ever you wish, my records the shitttttt, whatever it issssss

Verse 2

Call me Hip Hop's Mike Jackson, When I'm grabbing, A Mic Blacking--out
Till I'm passin out - Always High Fashion, Fly jackets, Nikes- that's it
Took a little moment chill but now I'm back in

Whoaaaaaa----Had to borrow from Black Rob, I'm Black Thought
Never straying far from my Roots, so haters back off
---I got that soul glow, riding the soul train
"Don Cornileis on the Soul Plane (Hi)

Verse 3

I bring it back it- like Picks and Afros, The Pimps and Bad hoes, So twist ya backbone
"Pam Grier, Stand here -- bitch I'm that cold
--Like Goldie on the stage -- and only I would say

That ya homie is lame - but homie I'm insane
With the metaphors and flows, your pony in a race
---Scooby Doo rappers, You be too dapper
-I'm the lastest freshman -- Cooley New Chapter

Verse 4

I Irk Tuner a track, And Murder and Rap, Make Severs Collaspe, then burn up ya Mac, Return of the Mack
Yes I'm here ---- Am I clear
I'm a son of Angela Lansberry my dear

"My peers respect it, my sounds amazing
Are your ears effective, or you clowns just hating
--Either way, you can tell the haters love me
But I pay em nevermind, I just gotta make it funky

Party Apple

Written By: Donny Goines

Take One, bring the cameras here
Whether sipping Champaign or a can of beer
When the band appears, all my plans get cleared
Cause this party got em hanging off the chandeler

(I) Do what I like sweetheart, if they get stupid I'm retard
My am-bie-ance, says I'm beyond
So why finace, I fuck we part

See I'm still in my hoodies and tims
So the haters ask the bouncers "how could he get in"
What's goodie with him? Who's pussy he in
And these naysayers never thought this rookie would win

(But) its okay ya'll didn't invite me
So I had to crash the spot with something pretty beside me
Now the citys behind me, and the hippies all like me
But it really doesn't matter just gimme a mic (Please)

Verse 2

See there anit nothing wrong with having a good time
Drinking bottles of good wine, and living good life
--I know some people listening and thinking how could-I
No it anit Donny Goines, he be writing those hood rhymes

--But should I , ever switch up the- lane
And "Pick up the-Bass" like Mickey cause I'm sick of the pace
'See I can always go back, and simply dig up the crates
That's my comfort zone, ya'll know this nigga is great

"But enough of that, back ta the matter at hand
Starting clapping ya hands - you see a girl ask her ta dance
--And get loose on the floor, maybe after the jam
'We can hit the afterparty, let's pack up the van

(Haha) No matter how you got in
Hit the Backdoor or Red Carpet
You here now so get re-tarted
--Let's get this Party start-ed (righttttt)


To date, I've release 7 projects. My last two albums, Minute After Midnight and The Breakfast Club are both highly acclaimed.

Set List

I can perform anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours if I need to. I have an extensive playlist available but a usual set ranges from 20 to 45 minutes.