Booker's Bridge

Booker's Bridge


Booker's Bridge is a contemporary christian band from Columbia City, IN. Our pop/inspirational and praise and worship style original songs captivate many generations


Booker's Bridge is a Contemporary Christian music husband-wife duo/band from Columbia City, Indiana. As songwriters and artists, Scott and Christy Booker use thought provoking verses charged with strong choruses to lead the listener through an emotionally moving and memorable musical journey. Christy's smooth inspirational voice and style combined with Scott's pop/rock guitar rhythms make for a pleasingly unique sound that reaches out to captivate many generations.Booker's Bridge has just completed their first CD, "The Simple Truth", and is currently booking dates to promote it. Scott and Christy enjoy not only the lively atmosphere of full band concerts and theatrical musical events, but the more intimate duo settings of a youth-side campfire or evening coffee house. They have experience in leading adult praise and worship in their own home church, as well as helping other churches learn how to start a praise and worship team of their own.

Scott, both a "military brat" and world traveler, has enjoyed the influences of many places and cultures. He started songwriting at age thirteen. When in college he became one of the founders of the Contemporary Christian rock band, Galilee, based in Montgomery, Alabama. As guitarist and songwriter for Galilee, he brought his rock style into the band's song catalog. Holding a degree in Psychology, Scott has worked with youth groups and individuals and has gained great insight and compassion for people and their needs. This compassion flows throughout his songs for Booker's Bridge and straight into your heart.
Christy, a singer since forever, can remember as a toddler looking into her Daddy's fishing minnow bucket and singing the first song she ever made up, "Minnow, Minnow"! The roots of being a farmer's daughter and being homegrown on family circle sing- alongs still runs true in her love for nature and simple things. At age ten she began singing and performing for youth theater and taking private voice instruction, which continued into her college years as a vocal major at Indiana University. She had the pleasure of singing as soloist for many musical groups over the years. She received a nursing degree and practiced as a registered nurse for eight years. Always seeking new horizons and pushing forward to higher heights of being resurrected herself, Christy's voice has the ability to elevate your senses and spirit within.

Writing their own original simple songs of Contemporary Christian music, Booker's Bridge takes you to the presence of God through their love and passion of Jesus Christ living in them. Wanting to bridge others to this priceless treasure of knowing God and how to continue to worship and praise Him through the pain and joy of everyday simple things is their soul felt calling. Booker's Bridge's goal is to continue to seek and find more and better ways of communicating the life changing gospel story of Jesus Christ to the world.



Written By: Scott Booker, Christy Booker

Gloria words by:
Christy Booker
music by Scott&Christy Booker

Grey haired woman on her hands and knees, planting the flowers and picking the weeds.
Ten year old boy in a crash today, Daddy walked free, the boy took away.
Still they find a way to say…

Gloria, Hallelujah! I’m alive, I’m alive.
Gloria, Hallelujah! I’m alive , I’m alive.
Gloria, Hallelujah! I’m alive, I’m alive.
Gloria, Hallelujah! I’m alive.

Earthquake shook the ground today, California loved ones lost to clay.
Young girl broken in the heat of war, love’s the game, and pain’s the score.
Still they find a way to say…


You ask me how the people keep living, here in this world of pain and misgiving.
I’m here to tell you, this simple truth. Just believe.
Jesus Christ died for you, resurrected, He can live in you.
He is life, He is love, He is GOD!



© 1992, Scott & Christy Booker. All rights reserved.


Written By: Scott & Christy Booker, Michael McDonald


Verse 1
When I sing in the morning time,
And I pray all day long.
I can feel your spirit moving me,
To the place I belong. I belong. I belong.

In your presence ¡V holy, holy, holy.
In your presence ¡V holy, holy, holy.
In your presence - I worship You.

Verse 2
When I stand in your temple Lord,
I can feel your loving grace.
How it floods all the world away.
This is where I want to stay. To stay. To stay.


At Your feet I worship You.
You restore and make me new.
Hold me now and make me yours.
This is where I know joy.

Verse 1 (modified)


„¦2003,Christy Booker, Scott Booker, Michael McDonald

All of the Glory

Written By: Scott & Christy Booker

All of the Glory

You, scattered stars, through the heavens

You, sowed the salt, in the sea

Oh, You, gave the gift, of the ages

On the day, that Your grace, set me free!

All of the Glory

All of the Honor

All that is in me, here in my heart¡K. I give to you. (repeat)

All of the Glory


You, laid the moon, in it¡¦s cradle

And You, set the sun, aflame

Let all, of the earth, and the angels

Shout for joy, at the sound, of your Name!



Maker of this world around me, Oh my Lord, your love astounds me.
Only You are worthy to receive

Change key to A

„¦2004, Scott Booker, Christy Booker


Booker's Bridge has released the 12 song cd:
"The Simple Truth"

Set List

Original song set:
1. Tell the world
2. I believe
3. Let all creation sing
4. Gloria
5. Love of my life
6. Praise to the Name
7. Emmanuel
8. Presence
9. Sing unto the Lord
10. He is Alive
11. Be Still
12. He's coming again

We also do popular Praise and Worship tunes.
A typical set is a little over an hour, depending if you want us to speak.