BandHip HopSoul

My music is "A Tribe Called Quest" type of feel. Its really soulful with personal lyrics from the heart. I have a like-ness to using my personal life in every song I write too. I rarely talk about drugs and "the popular things" that every other rapper talks about because life is enough I think.


Well I come from jersey to start off, my dad was killed by a drunk driver also & I was his only child reason why I named myself "Legacy". I had to take care of my mother and my two sisters all by myself so I have alot of material thru all of my struggles in doing that. I am from the suberbs but my music ironically relates to everybody in the struggle. This is my reason why I chose rap to show people that it really doesn't matter where you come from, tough times is tough times, its universal, i bring the struggle of making it thru all your adversity so stay tuned and enjoy the music!!


1. Point Of Seperation (Album)
Over 1,000 plays and over 200 downloads

2. Forgotten Times (EP) *Produced By Exsquizite*
Over 300 plays and over 50 downloads in a short week.

3. Circles Ft. Beautiful Dizaster (Single)
\*Produced By Infinite Quest*
International Airplay, Contest Winner, Blogsites

4. The Green Light (Produced By Infinite Quest)
international Mixtape Winner (The Portals Mixtape)

5. Do The Write Thing (DTWT)
Coming out on Itunes & Amazon Soon!!