Book of Caverns

Book of Caverns

 Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

Book of Caverns plays post-hardcore tinged indie rock built on soaring post rock melodies and a passionate emotional drive. It is dynamic music that sways between times of heavy chaos and hushed moments of restraint.


Blending the line between soaring post rock melody and a passionate emotional drive, Book of Caverns weave harmony effortlessly and focus it into a chaotic fray when it cannot be held back any longer. Complimenting their unique focused sound are lyrics touching on a beautiful fear of the past, present, and future and the tremendous strength that can be found in those times of fear. Their newest record, Homes, is a household built on the love of a city, the experiences we learn from and the friends and family we share them with.

Book of Caverns formed in 2009 in a cramped basement with the goal of writing emotional, expansive and creative music. Since then they’ve occupied a few different cramped basements, went from 6 members to 5 members and played countless shows with all their friends and heroes.


Book of Caverns eponymous (July 2010, Bart Records)

Damages / Book of Caverns split 7" (February 2011, Clue #2 Records)

4 Way Split Tape (June 2011, Ghosts & Demons Records)

Homes 12" (January 2013, Clue #2 Records)

Split 7" w/ Coma Regalia (Spring 2013, Middle-Man Records)