Book of Sounds

Book of Sounds


Books of Sounds is an Austin-based eclectic collection of indie, folk and jazz writings from artist Mike Wood... They have a Vinyl being released this winter and a tour planned for next year... They follow in the ways as well as cater to the fans of Karate, Akron/Family, and Iron and Wine.


Book of Sounds is a collection of songs by artist Mike Wood of Austin, Tx with Marc Henry of Dallas, Tx on Drums and Seth campbell on Bass, various other friends playing anything from lap steels, dobros and banjos to mandolins and violins... With strong influences from old and new bluegrass, jazz, indie, and folk groups and songwriters, they have began to compose pieces of raw art and emotion that exemplify the beauty and hardships of life through their own hearts and minds. The duo has connected in such a way that a live performance is eye catching and sincere with sudden and patient crescendos and decrescendos while still calm and relaxing, for the most part. Some artists feel as though they picked a song from the sky when they create something... These gentlemen create songs and place them in the sky for everyone.


"She Waits at Home" EP
"Live at Home" Free EP
(Full Length being released this winter)

Set List

We prefer 1-1.5 hr sets but can play as little as .5 hrs or as much as 2hrs...
songs are between 4-7 minutes in length