Bookstore Robbery

Bookstore Robbery


Bookstore Robbery come off like the shotgun marriage of power pop and alt-country for the twilight era. Their songwriting shows that they aren’t afraid of making a big noise - but they play with enough subtlety and skill to infuse their sound with atmospherics and dynamics that draw the listener in.


What do you get when you meld a Texan who's so into melody it hurts, a West Coast bass player who can play anything, an East Coast drummer who does, and loud English guitars tainted with swirling, indie-Brit rock?
Bookstore Robbery is the runt child of this strange union.
A strange union to say the least.
Singer-songwriter Brian Ledford hails from the unapologetic bars of Austin and Lubbock, where he cut his teeth in the 90's. After relocating to Seattle he hooked up with Newcastle, England native David Bradley, who added the swirling guitars that set the foundation for Bookstore Robbery's appeal. But it's the opposing ruckus of Chris Harig's drumming that can't shake its Providence hardcore roots, and Mark Gibson's smooth Bay-Area bass styling, that makes this union a show worth catching.


Mild Mannered Son EP

Set List

12 Songs of original material, approximately 45 minutes.