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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


""Mild Mannered Son is a power pop wash of swirling guitars, melodic twists and strong vocals.""

Review by stewrat
Millions of new PCs are being shipped with two Bookstore Robbery songs. Deal was signed last summer and now the tunes are shipping. "News at 11!"

I made up the "news at 11" part, but that's one of the first hits I got when trying to find out a bit about this four-piece band from Seattle. Seems as though they inked a deal last summer to ship a few songs on new computers with the Yahoo! Music service.

Sensational headlines aside, Bookstore Robbery has two things I like songs and guitars. The band's new four-song EP, mild mannered son, is a power pop wash of swirling guitars, melodic twists and strong vocals. Lead singer and Texas native Brian Ledford is primary songwriter, but by no means is this a one-man band. With a strong vocal style reminiscent of Boston's The Sheila Devine, Ledford isn't shy, but his singing doesn't drown out a solid rhythm section. Mark Gibson's melodic bass lines anchor Chris Harig's drum kit with UK native David Bradley trading guitar riffs with Ledford.

The title track pops up in shuffle mode as though it's in control of my headset, and that's not a bad thing. 'Buried in the Ground' does right by the two guitars, bass and drums approach building from a sparse guitar intro mixed under a 1903 Edison recording of William Jennings Bryan and quickly launching into an anthemic saga. Here's hoping they head to the right coast sometime soon. - sr
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"SeattleNoise: Bookstore Robbery"

Featured Band in the print edition of the April 12, 2007 Arts and Entertainment Section. - Seattle Post-Intelligencer

""Bookstore Robbery comes out of the starting gate strong""

Artist: Bookstore Robbery
Title: Mild Mannered Son EP
Style: Power Pop/Rock
Rating 8.75 out of 10
By Senior Staff Writer C.W. Ross

Although Bookstore Robbery can now be found playing around the Seattle area, they come originally from all parts of the globe. Band singer-songwriter Brian Ledford hails from Texas, guitarist David Bradley is a native of Newcastle, England, drummer Chris Harig hails from Providence, and last but not least, bassist Mark Gibson comes from the San Francisco Bay area.

Mild Mannered Son is the 4-song debut EP from the band. Even though you'll only find four songs on it, the band scoured through a dozen songs that they have written through 2006 to find the cream of the crop to put on this EP.

The four songs that made the cut are: "New Golden Rule," "Mild Mannered Son," "Mistake No.1," and "Buried in the Ground."

On Mild Mannered Son the band manages to create music that's well worth listening to, whether it is through big guitars and raucous drumming, or by creating more subtle and melodic tones in the songs.

The final track, "Buried in the Ground," even manages to bring in some "alt. country" edges to the release.

With this EP the band comes out of the starting gate strong, and it should get them noticed by the masses. You'll also be able to catch the band playing live in support of the new EP. Check out their website for dates and times - Indie Music Stop


Mild Mannered Son EP


Feeling a bit camera shy


What do you get when you meld a Texan who's so into melody it hurts, a West Coast bass player who can play anything, an East Coast drummer who does, and loud English guitars tainted with swirling, indie-Brit rock?
Bookstore Robbery is the runt child of this strange union.
A strange union to say the least.
Singer-songwriter Brian Ledford hails from the unapologetic bars of Austin and Lubbock, where he cut his teeth in the 90's. After relocating to Seattle he hooked up with Newcastle, England native David Bradley, who added the swirling guitars that set the foundation for Bookstore Robbery's appeal. But it's the opposing ruckus of Chris Harig's drumming that can't shake its Providence hardcore roots, and Mark Gibson's smooth Bay-Area bass styling, that makes this union a show worth catching.