Yella, The Triple Threat

Yella, The Triple Threat

 Tallahassee, Florida, USA
BandHip HopPop

Yella, The Triple Threat is about to smash the rap game with her sultry voice, lyrical skill and impeccable delivery! Men and women alike, are guaranteed to fall in love with her and her music! A relative newcomer, Yella offers hip hop a breath of fresh air!


Biography - Cut From A Different Cloth

By: Keith Kennedy - @KeithK926

While many artists tailor their skills to blend in with the masses, few have the courage to be different. Seldom is it seen when an artist has the ability to create new patterns of creativity using multiple tools. Meet Ariella “Yella” Jasmin, a legit triple threat cut from a different cloth.

Ariella Jasmin, artistically known as Yella for short, hails from a background that was crudely stitched together from pain, separation, instability and a poor self-image as a teen. Instead of being destined to the recycle bin of life, Yella decided to use her crafts as a songwriter, vocalist, and visual artist to weave a tapestry of talent that wowed her peers. She begins, “I started out in 7th grade as a singer using The Fugee’s “The Score” as an inspiration to channel my energies and I received great feedback.”

Soon, she began taking her music more seriously as it provided an outlet to escape the chaos surrounding her family that included stints on welfare, drug abuse, divorce, and constant moving that included different schools in many different cities. Yella remembers, “I was moving around a lot so I know what it is like to be the new kid in school but I always had my music as an escape.”

At this point, Yella was gifted enough to add rapping to her repertoire which covered her new found rebellious streak. “I would read books by Maya Angelou, W.E.B. Dubois, and philosophies such as existentialism that encouraged personal freedoms.” Her “bluesy and soulful voice” caught the attention of DJ Pain 1 (producer, Yo Gotti, Young Jeezy, Jim Jones) who helped hem her style, as well as Mysta Kings producer of her first single "Miss Me".

Yella explains, “ I love my family even though I came from a broken home that had numerous issues, but I use my talents as a therapy to uplift and help others.” In fact, Yella intends to open an art gallery to not only nurture her visual art talents but because “hip-hop has grown to be bigger than just music.”

Through her journey, Yella has learned the secret to bedazzling her audience. “The key is doing it with passion and expression because the power behind the music is bigger than the music itself. I can always get better but, I have a need to be a leader and say the things that should be said but most are too afraid to say.” With her talents and these philosophies as a tape measure to her success, it’s no wonder why Yella is cut from a different cloth.