Boom Bap Bullies

Boom Bap Bullies

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We are some of the rawest, realest artists out the 916. You won't catch us giving our fans 50%. We go 110% each and every time we perform. If we walk away with just one more person feeling our music then we feel we did our job. We don't turn down no gigs and we'll do parties all the way to arenas.


If you ever have the chance to catch an underground Hip-Hop event, then make sure it features the Boom Bap Bullies. Quite possibly the hottest trio of true emcees coming out of the Northern California area, these artists have their game together and they come to play each and every time. The line-up includes Skillz, aka Tuxzedo Black, Guage Gully, and the most recent addition, Reo. Each of them from a different place on the U.S map, Houston, New Jersey, and Richmond,CA respectfully, combine in what can only be described as a chaotic symphony of metaphorical skill and brilliant punchlines. Their sound is addictive, yet reminiscent of a time when rap was young and not so materialistic. Skillz hooks are catchy and soulful with meaning for the most part and will have you mouthing the words by the second time you hear them. His verses are razor sharp, witty and ALWAYS on time. Gully on the other hand is the embodiment of raw talent. If you listen closely to his lyrics you will most definately be impressed at his content. Gully can go blow-for-blow with any signed rapper today and surely leave them with a bad taste in their mouth. Reo, the newest of the Bullies will most certainly fill the shoes of his predecessor to the breaking point with on point delivery, crazy metaphores and a style that will round out what is quite possibly one of the greatest indie Hip-Hop groups in Nor-Cal today.


Currently- Boom Bap Bullies tha MixTape. Hosted by DJ Juice.

Set List

We don't do covers. Our typical set consists of anything we have recorded. Our library is extensive and we can do a set up to 45 minutes or so.