Boom Bits

Boom Bits

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We are the one of the most diverse and eclectic bands you will ever encounter. We are melting pot of different sounds and rhythms, melding hip hop, jazz, latin soul, funk and r&b. We are spicy piece of fried chicken laid inside of a taco full of so frito, salsa and soul.


Boom Bits has been performing hip hop, jazz and soul in New York City for the past 6 years led by MC, Reggie Rey aka Anonymous, the brain child behind the eclectic band Boom Bits--a collective of musicians that create music essential for the soul.

Raised in the Bronx during the 80s and 90s, Reggie Rey has always had a sense of the urban plight of his community and hopes through Boom Bits to raise the consciousness of his people. Reggie has always had an ear and eye for all art forms and his influences for Boom Bits have affected his process when creating music with the band. These influences stretch to a wide variety of musicians and artists from jazz greats Miles Davis and Eddie Palmieri, to surrealist icons Salvador Dali and Fridha Kahlo.

Boom Bits features Soul/Jazz/Opera Singer Jessi with MCs Nix Hazard and Guestos, drummer Jeff Hatcher, bassist Matt Rosenthal, percussionist Ray Boogie, Trumpet player Nick Mauro, guitarist Kute Tonge and key boardist Isamu McGregor. They recently did a food drive at the The Point in the Bronx, and currently are promoting their debut EP "What's Cookin In Da Melting Pot?!" with a new single entitled 'U-N-I Verse.'


EP "What's Cookin' In Da Melting Pot?!"

Set List

3.Soul Sonic
7.Southern Fried
9.Love you More
10.Keep The Faith