Boom Boom Stereo

Boom Boom Stereo

 San Jose, California, USA

With their never ending and always consistent catchy hooks and unforgettable melodies, Boom Boom Stereo will have you singing along in no time. As fun as they are loud, Boom Boom Stereo is the new pop rock band for all crowds, the new band for the generations.


Boom Boom Stereo is a four piece pop rock band from San Jose Ca. Comprised of Singer and Rhythm guitarist Adam Leon, Lead Guitarist Mat Jackson, Bass Guitarist Derek Allen, and Drummer Ron Cressio. Orginally formed in 2008 the band started with Mat and Adam, where they wrote their first song "What I Never Was".
Ron Cressio and Derek Allen were not introduced into the band until late 2009, after the band had sufferd the loss of there first drummer and bass guitarist. Although it was a set back, the new combination of memebers was the best thing to happen to the band. Boom Boom Stereo wrote their first song as the new band, "Welcome Home (La La)" which instantly became a hit amungst fans of all ages. Since then Boom Boom Stereo has played and continues to play countless shows, appealing to larger and larger crowds. With their first EP already out on iTunes and their LP to be (if not already) released, Boom Boom Stereo is putting together their full length album and continueing to strive and make impacts in the music scene today.



Boom Boom Stereo EP

Boom Boom Stereo LP