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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Brooklyn Paper"

"loud, raring debut, the aptly named “Show Pony,” a nod to the two’s gig enthusiasm."
-Brooklyn Paper - Brooklyn Paper

"Sonic Reducer"

"wild and multifaceted swingin’ Bo Diddley sounds."
- Sonic Reducer - Sonic Reducer

"Fire Note"

"a solid 20 minute explosion of blues, atomic 50's rock n roll and dripping reverb."
- The Fire Note - Fire Note

"NY Post Review"

"Take the roaring, frenetic guitar of T-Rex’s “20th Century Boy” from the 1973 album “Tanx.” Then add …
The swinging dirty Delta blues of “The Originator” on Bo Diddley’s self-titled 1957 album. Then add …
The spooky Mississippi blues of Johnny Lee Hooker from “Boom Boom.
The sum?
Boom Chick’s debut album, Show Pony.”
- NY Post

"American Songwriter Review"

"Oozes punk thunder through a smoke screen of Delta ache. It’s an honor to be mentioned in the same breath with The White Stripes and Led Zeppelin, and the most thrilling moments on Show Pony actually earn the privilege."
- American Songwriter - American Songwriter

"Magnet Magazine Best of 2010: Hidden Treasures"

On their debut album, Moselle Spiller and Frank Hoier go straight to the grimy, messy heart of rock ‘n’ roll. Spiller’s slapstick drumming blends seamlessly with Hoier’s blues riffs and simple vocals to create a sound that evokes both Bo Diddley and early White Stripes. (Boom Chick’s boy/girl format and Spiller’s bang-framed face practically force the Stripes comparison.) The pair began making music together in Spiller’s childhood bedroom a couple years ago, when Hoier had already been dubbed the “new Dylan” of Brooklyn, but Spiller was a newcomer to the drums. Show Pony conveys the giddy delight of discovery that must have transpired between the two when they first sat down to play. - Magnet Magazine

"Boom Chick"

I have recently been exposed to what I think is the finest 20 minutes of music to be recorded in some time. - NW Geeks

"Doubting Daniel & The Deliverance, Sad Fucks, Boom Chick and Daikaiju"

Boom Chick provided the best set of the night - City View Central Iowa's Independent Weekly

"This Friday at Thunderbird: Boom Chick"

Show Pony, shows a fun and accomplished duo with a raw, gutsy sound. - Pittsburg City paper

"Boom Chick blow out my ear drums (in a good way)"

I have been LOVING Frank Hoier’s new band, Boom Chick, a male/female two-piece drum and guitar combo and their LP, Show Pony.

It’s not fair to say these folks ripped off the White Stripes (since the WS pretty much ripped off every other blues rock artist), but I will say they tip their hat to Jack and Meg, but have a maturity and delivery that could help Boom Chick withstand the comparisons and stand on their own. - Perfect Porridge


Show Pony (2010)



Boom Chick is a rock n' roll duo consisting of Frank Hoier on gutiar & vocals and Moselle Spiller on drums. Boom Chick's sound is born out of an ecstatic love for early American rock n' roll, Delta blues, & surf guitar. They have released one full album to date, and have completed two across America tours and one European tour since they named their band in 2009.

Frank was already a seasoned songwriter and solo act before he met artist Moselle, and found in her a wily, high energy co-conspirator. Boom Chick was soon fully realised after a hectic year packed with countless sweaty loft parties, constant creation in their industrial Brooklyn practice space, & hard-charging tours.

Their performances of lovingly practiced original co-written songs beam with a confident hunger.With their raw and passionate live show, Boom Chick has been known to melt cold, cold hearts and set folks to dancing in the aisles. Moselle attacks the drums with a ferocious femininity, and Frank's amplified howl slaps back to the era when a man spoke his mind, creating a sound that delivers on all those things that rock n’ roll promised us so long ago.

“Show Pony” (released November 2010) is shot through with all the love and bones you can pack onto two-inch tape, and revels in Frank & Moselle’s myriad influences, from their shared love of atomic 50's rock n’ roll, spooky Delta blues, reverb-laced surf rock and 60’s girl group melodies, to the bright torches they carry for the classic catalogs of Chess & Sun Records.

Frank and Moselle are currently plotting a series of 7" records, their 2nd full album release, and another across America tour for Fall 2011.