BoomEcho creatively work together to write great originals and play a few fun covers! With strong, melodic vocals, memorable beats, loud riffs and sweet harmonies, BoomEcho is ready to make their mark.


Somewhere in the Ward area of Guelph, ON, in early 2011, four people of disparate backgrounds of age, experience and shoe styles met to play music. Undecided on what covers to play, they turned to writing their own songs. With a full set of original material and now numerous shows under their belt, BoomEcho has progressed to refine their songwriting and bandmanship.

The band consists of 3 guys and 1 girl; Doug Roach (vox, guitar), Don Kudo (vox, bass), Dan Millar (vox, drums) and Laura Hasler (vox, guitar). These songwriters liberally collaborate, despite their generational differences, to produce a mix of guitar/vocal driven tunes.

So there you have it. Four songwriters, four vocals, two guitars, one drum kit and a BOOM followed by an ECHO.