Boomerang Baby Boomer Comedy Bash

Boomerang Baby Boomer Comedy Bash

 Reno, Nevada, USA
SoloComedySpoken Word

Gulp down a glass of Tang, shut off your Hi-Fi & hop in your station wagon for a hilarious trip down memory lane with Boomerang Baby Boomer Comedy Bash. It’s a retro laughfest when David Gee (Showtime With Rita Rudner), Kat Simmons (The Comedy Channel) and Marc Yaffee (Comics Unleashed), take the stage to share stories, jokes and observations about growing up Boomer. Boomerang Baby Boomer Comedy Bash delivers laughs for all ages.


Take 60 plus years of comedy, thousands of jokes and hours of stories and Boom!  It's the Boomerang Baby Boomer Comedy Bash.  Three talented comedians come together for one unforgettable show about unforgettable Baby Boomer memories.  If you ever stepped into a phone booth, popped a wheelie or adjusted the rabbit ears on a TV,  you will relate to this show.  However, even if you didn't, this show will still tickle your funny bone.  

The Boomerang Baby Boomer Comedy Bash stars David Gee, Kat Simmons and Marc Yaffee, all accomplished comedians in their solo careers.    David  performs regularly in Las Vegas and was named "Best Comedian in a Production Show" by the Las Vegas News and Review.  He has been a regular  contributor to the Los Angeles  Times and in 2007, he was commissioned to write one-liners for President George W. Bush, for the annual White House Correspondents Dinner.   

 Kat Simmons has been favorably compared to comedy masters Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett and Red Skelton.  Her talent for combining physical comedy with real life situations has earned her appearances on Candid Camera and Fox's Comedy Tonight.  Kat won the 2009 eWomen Networks international talent contest.  She is a regular at The Improv and Catch a Rising Star.

Marc Yaffee is a former writer for George Carlin's and has been featured on Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen, The Latino Laugh Festival and Showtime's Goin' Native.  Marc was honored with Pow Wow Comedy Jam as National Indian Gaming Association's Entertainers of the Year.  Marc has also toured 5 times over seas entertaining U.S. troops.

Whether you are looking to put on a theater, casino or corporate event,  Boomerang Baby Boomer Comedy Bash, delivers a clean, fun show, guaranteed to entertain, not offend.