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Portland, Oregon, United States | INDIE

Portland, Oregon, United States | INDIE
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"Boomer Band Rock's"



Boomer Band Rock's
Boomer Band Rock's The Quinault Beach Resort & Casino

The Boomer Band packed the "Great Hall" New Years Eve 2003 at the Quinault Beach Resort & Casino in Washington state. Some 900+ guest's had a great time drinking and dinning at the fabulous buffet, then dancing until after midnight to the fantastic 50's ROCK & ROLL music by the Boomer Band's feature vocalist " LEE GARRETT " who's audience captivating style just nock-em-down. "There wasn't a inch of space left on the dance floor" said one party guest. All were surprised by the turn-out of so many guests because there was a snow storm going on that left the coast of Washington with 6 plus inches of snow. The likes of which the coast of Washington has not seen in 9 years. I guess it was just a party night!


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"Turkey 2 Step tops off fest"

Turkey 2 Step tops off fest
Published: July 12, 2005

Of the News-Register

Like gravy, the inaugural Turkey 2 Step dance Saturday night topped off this year's Turkey Rama festivities.

Despite weekend tryptophan levels rising to their annual high, no one was sleeping in the Granary District, where the final event of McMinnville's summer festival was rocking to the beat of the Boomer Band.

Tricia Harrop, manager of the Chamber of Commerce Community Leadership Development Program, said on Monday that 325 guests showed up for the community dance - a strong turnout for a first-year event.

The granary's large empty lot was decorated with hay bales outlining the dance area and paper lanterns hanging from lines above. At one end, an assortment of offerings from local vineyards and breweries were on tap. At the other end, oldies rock 'n' roll took the stage.

The Boomer Band and the Legendary Boomettes jammed to an eclectic mix of rock from the 1950s and early '60s. Boomettes Linda LeClair and Tina Crawford played on their saxophones in synchronized motion, and lead guitarist Brian Hoyt blazed the fretboard on his Gibson with a flawless blues solo. Behind them, drummer Michael LeClair called for more people to get up and dance.

In the early evening, Lee Garrette came on scene to front the Boomer Band. Keeping one hand on the mike stand, a blind Garrette danced in place, the raw energy of his vocals hitting like a bolt of lightning.

"I don't know how to dance," said Roy Nelson, who recently moved to McMinnville. "But I danced."

Nelson sat on a metal folding chair watching the dance floor. He learned about the Turkey 2 Step from picking up a brochure at the News-Register office on Third Street. This was his first experience of Turkey Rama.

On stage, Garrette belted out vocals for "The Twist," and a man in a turquoise windbreaker tip-toed out from sitting on a hay bail to dance with his wife, careful not to spill from a plastic cup held in his hand.

"I didn't get old," Garrette said to the crowd before launching into "Johnny B. Goode." "The world just caught up to me. C'mon, it's a party, I'm having a good time!"

Dancing was pretty sparse early in the dance with only a handful of couples showing their moves on the dance floor. But once the sun went down and the lights came up, the Boomer Band retook the stage and couples danced by the dozens. As Hoyt twanged out the opening riff to "Pretty Woman" from his vintage amp, even more couples dashed out to the floor.

"We're having fun," said Cherie Martinez from behind the Southside Java table. "It had to get dark so nobody knows who's dancing out there."

Mingling through the crowd, Kuehn said it was "a little scary" leading up to the event. Weather was a factor with the dance being held outdoors. Kuehn said if the dance is held next year, it will start a little later in the evening. Most of the dancing picked up once it was dark closer to 10 p.m.

Also in the crowd was Harrop. She surveyed the large turnout appreciatively, looked back and smiled.

"Not bad for a first year," she said.

- By PETER CHEE of the News-Register


The Boomer Band Sound

Click above on the Audio Button or go to our web site to hear audio clips of the Boomer Band while at a live event. These clips are NOT studio clips and have NOT be enhanced. These clips are from the bands LIVE EVENTS!

You may here laughing, talking, shouting because this is a LIVE performance at a live event. It could be your event!

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Today the Official Boomer Band Web site came on-line. " We have been waiting a long, long time to get this done" say's one of the band members. The Boomer Band has been a band since 1984 but until now has never had any major web exposure. "This marks a milestone in the life of the Boomer Band" said another band member who is one of only two original band members still working in the band. "2005 brings a great time in the Boomer Bands life. We are even better than we were back in the 80's and 90's. Better, tighter and a cleaner sound than ever before" said Michael LeClair who was the original sound engineer many years ago, and now the drummer for the Boomer Band. "Having Lee Garrett as our feature vocalist was the first best milestone we could have done, but this just gives us a great feeling of business success" said another band member.

"Not to be overlooked is our Bio's, Audio, Video, History, Shopping and Techinical web pages. You just gota' love modern technology these days, what with the world wide web and all" said a band member.

The Boomer Band's 50's dance style Rock & Roll is there trademark. Featured vocalist Lee Garret and the Legendary Boomettes make up a chorus line of high energy. A great band to hire for you next corporate, business or personal event.

In the mood to dance? Come see us at our next event, it's on our web site!