Boomer McLennan

Boomer McLennan


Country music at its best! Intense, dramatic ballads to Rockin honky tonk! We are a touring band with 8 years of road experience. Extensive tours through U.S. and Europe. Have songs placed on national TV and sold 20000 units. Opened for major acts like Reba, Chesney, and others.



He’s been called a cowboy “from the heart.” This kind-hearted, humble “country boy” captivates audiences with his heartwrenching delivery of fresh country tunes. He lives his songs, and he’s not afraid to reveal his heart on stage so you can live them too.

Early on, Boomer had a natural affinity for music. He started tinkering with the guitar at age eight, and by twelve, had moved on to duplicating his favorite songs. By the time high school rolled around, he was playing weddings and special engagements. Although he had been singing in church since his early days in Sunday school, Boomer got his first real taste of singing in college, when he was asked to lead a musical group for a campus club. He then went on to perform in numerous concerts and make guest appearances on county music video programs. Buoyed by positive reviews, he decided to pursue his dream of a career in country music.

While working on a cattle ranch, Boomer would sing around the campfire at night to keep his music alive. He later formed a “country trio” which took second place in a state music competition. Throughout this time he committed himself to writing songs, heartfelt country songs. “I’ve always loved songs that tell the story of real life, songs that reveal the heart,” he explains, citing George Strait, Hank Williams, Paul Overstreet, Johnny Cash, and Garth Brooks as just a few of his influences. With a saddlebag of songs and dreams, Boomer began to travel extensively, singing in some of country music’s most respected places including: The Palace and The Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Country Star-Hollywood, Gilley’s, The Crazy Horse, The Palomino, The Coach House, Spanish Springs Ranch, the Ritz-Carlton in Kansas City, and on the nationally syndicated radio show “Boot Scootin’ Partying Nights with Bo Reynolds.” He and his band have also played world-wide for crowds upwards of 30,000 people.

In the past two years, Boomer has been recognized with numerous awards including Nashville’s Golden Music Awards “Male Rising Star,” The Online Country Association’s “Rising Star” and “Best Web Site,” as well as Orange County’s “Best Out of County” award. Boomer has traveled world wide headlining his own shows as well as opening for such notable acts as Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney, George Jones, Don Williams, Chris LeDoux, Marty Stuart, Sawyer Brown, Lee Greenwood, Billy Dean, Tracy Lawrence, Rascal Flatts, Ty Herndon, John Berry, and many others.

Boomer can stretch the boundary of traditional country music, then bring you back in with an emotionally intense ballad. All in all, it’s the heart and soul of the music that matters. When BOOMER McLENNAN pours out his soul in song, people listen. “I sing from my heart. It’s all I’ve got. It’s all that I know to do,” he says. Anyone who has heard his passionate delivery would agree.


Echoes of Your Life

Written By: Boomer McLennan

I can hear, I hear your voice;
Telling me “you’ve got to make a choice;
‘Cause you can live for yourself;
But who really stands to gain;”
I can feel, I feel your prayers;
You prayed for me when you were here;
And I know that I am blessed;
Because of your faithfulness;
I hear the echoes of your life;
Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry;
But I will never, I’ll never say goodbye;
As long as I hear the echoes of your life;

You taught me well and I thank you so;
You gave me life and oh you made me whole;
But I wish you could see just what’s become of me;
I hope I’ve made you proud;

No, I will never, I’ll never say goodbye;
Because I know we’ll meet on the other side;
But until then I will survive;
As long as I hear the echoes of your life.

Run to You

Written By: Boomer McLennan

Run to You

Will I run to you when the stakes aren’t quite as high;
Will I run to you when these tears have left my eyes;
So many times I’ve turned on you
Why do you love me the way you do;
You touch my heart every time I run to you;

I will run to you because you first ran to me;
I will run to you because your love has set me free;
Every time for help I cried;
You were the first one to stand in line;
I will run to you because I know your heart’s in mine;

I want you to see me smile when I’m finally standing tall;
I want you to feel so proud when I’ve given it my all;
And when again the sun will rise;
You’ll see the peace within my eyes;
Oh there’s nothing like your love when I run to you;

Hats Off

Written By: Boomer McLennan, Nathan Mekel, Pam Reswick

Hats off
Hats off to you
Lets give credit where credit is do
You stole my heart and broke it in two
Before I even knew
So hats off, girl,
Off to you

I want to tell you right now
That you done yourself proud
How casually you broke all the rules
You pretty angel tears
So sweet and sincere
I can’t believe how well you had me fooled

Hats off
Hats off to you
Lets give credit where credit is do
You stole my heart and broke it in two
Before I even knew
So hats off, girl,
Off to you
Jesse James, girl, ain’t got nothing on you
You shot me down in cold blood and rode off with my love
So Hats off, off to you

I saw us walking down the aisle
Honeymooning in style
Sunscreen, Daquirees, Death do us part,
You never wanted a thing
Just a big diamond ring
and the pin numbers to my debit card

The Weather

Written By: Boomer McLennan

Today I wished I was the rain;
Falling for you, I’d caress your face;
How I long to be the wind;
Nothing to keep me from the warmth of your skin;

How great it’d be to be the weather;
Then we’d always be together;

Winter, Spring, Summer, and the Autumn breeze;
Sweet nothing whispers you hear in the trees;
In the office or the News at night;
I’d be the one always on your mind;
How great it’d be;
How great it’d be;
How great it’d be to be the weather;

I’d like to be the sunshine on your face;
Comfort and peace that warms your day;
Or maybe I could be a raging storm;
Passion and thunder until the morn;

Just Close Your Eyes

Written By: Boomer McLennan

Just a little child afraid to go to sleep
Eyes full of tears pouring endlessly
Mama come and cuddle me but don’t turn out the light
She’d wisper softly as she pulled me tight;

Just close your eyes; Drift off to sleep;
Not a care in the world now that you’re here with me
Peaceful dreams all through the night
Oh baby, just close your eyes;

Now the tables turned with a son of my own;
3 am I here him call, get up, put on my robe;
Scoop him up with a hug and kiss, try to calm his cries;
Wisper softly as I pull him tight;


So often I forget from where the blessings come;
Lord, I’d think that you’d forget me after all that I have done;
Yet you make your grace sufficient for this lowly boy
And every night I can hear you voice;

Only Love

Written By: Boomer McLennan

Only Love

I said I’d never love again;
My heart was crushed, my trust broken;
Until you reached out a hand;
To help me to stand, and believe once again;

Only love can move any mountain, bring calm to a storm, peace to a war;
It can crush the walls of pride and rebuild a bridge that was torn all apart;
Only love can change your heart;

All my life I’ve been told;
You’ve got to seek a fortune, build a mountain of gold;
Until I gazed into the eyes;
of a newborn child, I knew what life was for;


And when you are down and your hearts on the mend;
Put a little faith in me and I’ll be your friend to the very end;

Your Kiss Lit the Sun

Written By: Boomer McLennan

Your Kiss Lit the Sun

There’s a new sign in the stars that shine I know, I can see it;
There’s a new song singing in the wind I know, I can hear it;
I just got to give credit where credit is due to you;

You tempt the moon as it sees you shining bright;
The stars fall for you as they’re wishing through the night;
Yeah it’s true yes they do give a brand new view to you;
Your kiss lit the sun and your touch makes the earth dance too;

I hear a new call in the rain that falls I know, I need it;
I’m taken a chance on our romance I know, I can feel it;
I just got to give credit where credit is due to you;
Could this be? It’s only just begun;
Heaven for me, can you be the one;
Is it you? Oh it’s you;

You tempt the moon as it sees you shining bright;
The stars fall for you as they’re wishing through the night;
Yeah it’s true yes they do give a brand new view;
Honestly can’t you see what you’re doing to me;
And to show how you glow head to toe I want the whole world to know;
Your kiss lit the sun and your touch makes the earth dance too;


5 CD's:
"Boomer McLennan"
"Hopeful Moon"
"Be Still"
"The Art of Living"

Set List

does up to 5, 45 minute sets
plays from a repertoire of approximately 40+ original songs and 100+ cover songs consisting of top country favorites (everything from Jim Reeves to Johnny Cash to Garth Brooks).