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Manchester, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

Manchester, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
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"Album review: BOOMIN – Original Junkie"

A household name in their home town Wigan, pop-rock three piece, Boomin, come to us with their full length album Original Junkie, an infectious scream in the face to today’s chart music.

The album itself is almost like a live show; a frantic opening with microphone checking and all, a build up to the edgy and lyrical rock’n’roll track “Dirty Words” and finishing with the reflective, poignant, a capella ending in “Can I Miss You?”.

Despite how fun and light hearted it is musically upon first glance, the record has rather genuine messages behind it, the emphasis definitely being on the “Live music all the way!” chant found in “Kill the DJ”, a completely relevant and relatable argument that I imagine a lot of people can appreciate.

Their motif however isn’t directly a dig at popular music, and instead of ripping it apart, the band instead incorporates other genres into some of their songs. “Wrong” has thrashy guitar riffs and a post-punk sounding vibe, whilst “2nd Star To The Right” is sparkly and sweet sounding, then “Send You A Postcard” could easily be a Jason Mraz inspired tune. The album even includes an opening reminiscent on My Chemical Romance’s “Na Na Na” in “Wigan To New York” but with a jumpy British twist.

Very accessible and easily likeable, Boomin have definitely earned their place in the festival circuit this summer, with the shouts of “Whaaaaooooohhhh! You’re an original junkie!”resonating through the fields I expect.
- Samaa Husain at Get ready to Rock

"Boomin- Album Review"

Artist: Boomin

Album: Original Junkie

Label: Townsend/Universal

Rating: 5/5


Boomin are a pop/rock band and have released their new album, Original junkie. If you’re the type of person who likes to bring out the air guitar every now and again, this is the perfect album to do it too. With strong and impressive guitar melodies throughout, as well as the cool use of the drums and not forgetting the amazing vocals, this is sure to get you up on your feet!

The trio formed in 2006, and consist of Adam, Edd and Rory who are from Wigan and are often compared to the successful band, Green Day. They pride themselves in having ‘the perfect pop rock anthems’ and ‘addictive choruses and hooks.’ The talented band has enjoyed many festivals and events at such places as: Liverpool Echo Arena, Leeds Festival, Blackpool Empress Ballroom plus many more. Not only have they played at fantastic venues, they have also enjoyed supporting popular acts such as The Script, McFly, Pixie Lott and Craig David to name but a few.

The album continues to live up to the bands persona with upbeat tempos and the indie, rock feel but still with an element of pop. The band have an intriguing opening to the album in which we can hear one of the lads testing out the microphone, then the lyrics ‘are you ready to bounce’ kick in, followed by an impressive fast speed playing of drums and guitar combined.

The song ‘Original Junkie,’ which is the title of the album, is the third track on the album but is the song that highlights the vibe of the band the best. The way in which they change the tempo of the song half way through this particular song, in my opinion, defines the band and the type of band they are. This song promises for a fantastic rest of an album.

‘Kill the DJ’ is an honest opinion on what they think about music in general. With the fantastic vocals, this only emphasises the bands passion in what they do and what they want to give to their fans. ‘Just a cover band’ starts off slow with an introduction to a playing piano, then out comes the signature guitar playing with impressive skills to follow. The heavy drums and guitar highlight the message that they want to tell people that they aren’t just a cover band, which they certainly are not!

The rest of the songs indulge in guitar reefs, fantastic vocals to follow suit, and upbeat drumming to add that little extra touch. In my opinion, this album is truly fantastic and grasps the pop/rock vibe in an interesting way. It is perfect to sit down and listen to, but be warned you will be on your feet, dancing away in no time!
- Laura Cummins at Female First


Wigan band Boomin have been around for a few years now, supporting acts such as McFly, Scouting for Girls, The Script & Newton Faulkner to name but a few. The hard work of touring and getting their music out there (which leading up to the album has been for me, incredible) has lead to them releasing this debut album.

It starts off with an intro (which I famously despise bands using), but it fits into the album perfectly and gives it a kick into the opening track ‘Get off My Microphone’, which sounds like a mix of Phoenix & Scouting for Girls and for some reason makes me want to bodypop (I know).

Track ‘Kill The DJ’ has the best singalong element of the album and provides the most relatable message for me, airing displeasure at clubs, pubs and bars stocking to the rafters with DJs instead of live acts who work tirelessly to get noticed, with it also sounding like Sum 41 and Smashing Pumpkins songs have had a baby.

The tracks on the album have been placed in a great order because they flow well from song to song, whilst also having a decent amount of variation. Too many bands starting out on their first LP would keep to what they know, but it seems that Boomin are keeping themselves on their toes. That said, I would like to see some more adventure with the guitars as they have done in the song ‘Wrong’.

Title track is the stand-out with its woahs and jumpy chorus, whilst ‘Shine Bright’ provides a more gentle insight into the creative minds of Boomin and leaves a little lump in your throat in the process.

The production is very clean cut and concise, which gives it a polished sound that many debut albums don’t have and gives the clean vocals of Adam & Edd their chance to shine through. Another stand-out quality is that this band write some very catchy bridges, leading onto some big choruses giving it that edge to be rightly performed in arenas and pubs alike, an all-round pleaser which I feel will be just the start for this band.
- Dave at Dawn of the Deaf


Boomin - Are You Listening? EP 2010
Boomin - Happy Birthday, EP 2011
Boomin - Original Junkie, Debut Album 2012



Boomin are a 3-piece pop/rock band from Manchester, UK.

Since forming brothers Adam and Edd teamed up with longtime friend Rory and have been tearing up the UK live circuit with their pop rock anthems and receiving non stop positive reviews.
They create a perfect recipe of stadium power pop fuelled epics, all armed with an addictive chorus and hooks a plenty. It’s easy to see why so many comparisons are made with the likes of Queen and Green Day.

With the help of Boomin's dedicated fan base, their debut album "Original Junkie" hit top 30 in the UK charts and word quickly spread to booking agents and promoters, which saw the band getting support slots with The Script, Scouting for Girls, McFly, to name a few. They have even collaborated with Newton Faulkner on an original track which featured on the album also.

Radio/TV/Media have also been massive supporters of the band with the likes of the BBC, ITV and SKY NEWS all giving us fantastic publicity.

The bands 2013 live diary is completely full with festival slots and support slots. Corporate interest in the band has grown too having sponsorship with local music stores who get deals with Marshall, DW, Sennheiser to name a few.

In April 2013 we won best unsigned band in the north of england in the Hard Rock Rising Competition. and in May we came 12th in the whole world out of over 10,000 bands that entered the competion. this publicity has already given us great foundations to go global!

Adam Langmead - Lead Guitar/Vox for Boomin - "We are already working hard on our 2nd album and are in the process of planning our first world tour"


"The band makes perfect sense" - Brian May (Queen)

"You Rocked Man" - David Hasselhoff (With Standing Ovation)

“Mick Jagger meets McFly” - Spike Dawbarn (911)

"Exciting, fresh and rocking!" - Newton Faulkner