Booming Sand

Booming Sand


With a blend of Jam band oriented Classic Rock and influences from Little Feat to The Who, this one time trio will impress you with intelligent riffs and precise compositions.


Booming Sand the band, formed by Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Josh Pierce,
came into effect in the fall of 2002. The project began when he got
together with longtime friend and Bassist Steve Desrosiers. The two worked
together for a few months before deciding it was time to find a drummer. It
wasn’t long before Drummer Randy Winsko joined after responding to an ad,
completing the foundation for what is now Booming Sand.
The music is as hard to explain and diverse as the personalities that make
up this one time trio. Not falling into any genre but spreading between all
that is musically connected to emotion and true passion is the sound of
Booming Sand. By blending and interweaving melodic grooves and harmonic sounds
with a rhythm that will touch the soul they will leave you asking “How is it I
never heard this?” and “How can I hear more?”
To that we say stay tuned and stay in tune.

~Stan G.~


Self Titled debut CD: Booming Sand.